Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY Thanksgiving & Fall Wreaths

Since Thanksgiving is literally RIGHT around the 
corner, you have got to decorate for that sucker..
FAST. With that in mind, I decided to make my 
TG wreath from some things I had around the house:

An old wreath frame (previously wrapped in yarn for a diff project),
some cinnamon pine cones from last years holidays, some
fabric flowers, a few silk flowers and leaves, and phone book

Heres what I did:

wrapped some thin guage jewelry wire around the cones
to attach them to the wreath frame, 

See the wire? Right in the middle..

ripped out and folded the phonebook pages, about 3 at a time, 

then hot glued them down to fill in the gaps,
you could still see the yarn, which I wasnt too pleased with, 

so I
filled in the spaces with silk flowers and leaves I got
from the dollar store forever ago to make these,

I glued down some yellow fabric flowers I made awhile
ago with the intent to make to this pillow (didnt happen)
and lastly used a beige colored ribbon as the wreath ribbon.

Here are a few more fabulous ideas for 
a Thanksgiving Wreath.
This would be fun and easy,
Great use of herbs!
I bet it smells divine...
Simple and easy.
When TG is over just switch 
bows for Christmas!

Hope I gave you some ideas for Thanksgiving Decor!
Now get crackin!

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