Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

So, I was at Target yesterday looking for some holiday decor items, and I picked up a few, but really wanted to get a wreath. On the cheap side those things are 25 dollars if you dont want something puny. Come on, and they werent even that cute for that price. Not everyone has forty dollars to just throw at a wreath. So, I went home and made one, of course.

I used two 9ft garlands. You can buy them at Target for four dollars, and an 18 in'  wreath frame. I wrapped the wreath around the frame and used wire to attach it to the frame. I used thin jewelry wire, because that is what I had on hand, but you can use floral wire too. Then I just stuck in some fake berries I had and some ribbon to make a bow. SUPER easy! No, hot glue burning yourself or super gluing your fingers together, this one is a no muss, no fuss (?) type of project. For the REALLY not crafty person. What I love best about it too, is nothing is permanent so you can change it next year and its massive!!

Here is an amazon link to a wreath frame, because you know, Michaels is out of stock right now!

Happy Holidaying!
XOXO Janean

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekend Wardrobe: A Skirt Story

I'm pretty much in love with my new skirt. My sister just gave it to me, she's 10 yrs younger than me. She's number five out of seven. Who even cares, you ask? Well, its pretty pertinent to my skirt story. I have an older sister, Charity, then me, then Celeste, then a brother James (not important to the story) then Kristy, then a few more kids, but they're not important to the story either. Me, Celeste and Charity are all married, and moved away from home. So, I'm here visitng my parents for the holidays and I was helping Kristy clean her room. "Here, you want this skirt?" She asks. "Yeah, sure, love it." Next thing you know, Charity comes over to visit (she lives down the street) and says, "Hey, my skirt. Awesome!" Me "Um, no, Kristy just gave it to me, sorry." "Yeah, I gave it to Celeste." She responds, "And Celeste gave it to me." Kristy chimes in. "Welp, thank you, then, I guess." And boom. There you have it, a cliche sister story of how I got my skirt. What can I say? I kind of deserve it, since a few years ago, I lost my most favorite ever Abercrombie and Fitch shirt, (ok fine like 10 yrs ago, *cringe* when A&F were popular, I am so old) and saw it on Charity, who had gotten it from Celeste, whom, I didnt give it to, but she somehow ended up with.... hmmmmm. Anyway looks like I had something free and awesome coming my way.Stoked I did. I paired it with my new parisian style Ann Taylor shirt, that I am in love with, the bow is my favorite part, and my black suede Dolce Vita, bootie wedges, that I also love. And since it is winter, in Utah and I am a pasty lady, I slathered on my FAVORITE self tanner ever Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation Self Tanning Lotion - Very Dark 8 fl oz.
 . Seriously though, this stuff is amaze, doesnt ever streak and gives me a nice brown. I have been adverse to self tanners for a LONG time, since I am so white and nothing ever looks that natural, but I swear by this stuff. If you are a fair lady (or maiden.. ha) I for reallllls reccommend this stuff, double for reals. And then I curled my locks with my trusty Remington wand. Remington CI95AC/2 Tstudio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand, 1/2 Inch - 1 Inch

Video for that, coming soon. XOXO, Janean

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Educational Christmas Gifts 2014

My son, the braniac, is always asking me if he can crack rocks and look for geodes inside, building amazing aerodynamic jets that transform out of legos, and always asking about science, the earth, and well, everything. Right? Cause that's just what kids do. So this year for Christmas, I have decided on ALL educational gifts. I have scoured, scoured, the internet and here's what's in my shopping cart.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Amazon Prime Review

Last year this time I totally fell into the hype of buying everything for eveyone, online. And in my opinion there is not many other places I look first for cool gifts than Amazon. I always say, why not get an Amazon gift card, EVERYTHING is on Amazon. But what got ME to buy Amazon Prime, which is a full year service, was, one day my 5 year old son was playing with our neighbor who was 10. They were playing with the neighbors styrofoam plane collection. Well, the neighbor had to leave to go on a walk with his mom, and my son started begging the boy to let him still play with his planes. Being the super nice kid that he is, he obliged. Saying "be super careful, ok, I love this plane." Not five minutes later did my son and another neighbor girl throw it high into the air and it came crashing down and they broke his favorite plane. Awesome. I thought, "where in the heck am I going to get a freaking styrofoam plane?" The little girls mom, got on her phone and within 2 minutes ordered the exact same plane for $7 with her Amazon Prime account, it was free shipping and came in 2 days. I was SOLD. SOLD I tell ya. I didnt even know at that point there were TV shows and movies available. It would also be great to give as a gift. My Mother in Law has Multiple Sclerosis, and it makes her legs tired sometimes and going shopping to millions of stores for all her family gifts, just sounds like a nightmare to her. All that walking, she just can't, so online shopping is a godsend for her. An Amazon Prime gift for someone like that would be truly appreciated. Long story short, I love Amazon Prime and its free shipping. And you can start today with a free month and order all your Christmas gifts, free of shipping, and then cancel. But honestly, you'll probably want to keep it.
Happy Shopping!

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall Fashion 2014: Leather. Get on my level.

This Fall, slash Winter for me in San Diego, (haters gonna hate) I am super obsessed with all leather, everything. Black leather at that. From the bag, to the jacket, skirt, cape, pants, leggings, shoes, boots, all of it. It is super durable, will keep you warm and add a little bit of classy edginess to your wardrobe. Here are a few looks on my current wish list, from of course, Pinterest. Dont have an account? Get one. Today. And organize your life, and pray that Pinterest never ever goes anywhere.

And there you have it, my lovelies. Janean's leather obsession in a nutshell. Now, that Michael Kors watch, may not be leather, but it is pretty much perfection in my book. Guy knows what he's doin. Aint makin no lobster bib lookin stuff, that's for dang sure. Click the link to follow me on Pinterest and see all of my fashion desires. 

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mom Life, Instagram, ANTM, and Fall Outfits

It's been a while since I've blogged, I know. I have no excuse, wait, yes I do. I have 3 small boys and my life is bananas. Blogging? I don't have time for blogging. Well, now I do. I'm back. At least for now. Currently, I am visiting family in Utah for the holidays. I love Utah in the Fall. The crisp air, the moody skies, the fireplaces and hot cocoa. I don't get that kind of Fall in San Diego. I just get pool days, everyday. So, my sister and I were out playing "America's Next Top Model" in her backyard the other day and here are the results.

Sick view huh? Yeah, thats from her backyard. Ok, so on my public instagram account theblendingbeauty, I'm posting healthy food and green smoothie recipes, tasty ones only though. And fashion, weird combo, I know, but hey, that's what I'm passionate about, and you gotta be true to yourself. Always. This outfit is comprised of a sweater I found at Target, maybe more cardigany, a collared denim shirt that I am obsessed with, from Ann Taylor. It's sprinkled with tiny little white washed hearts. It's pretty adorbs. My skinny jeans, I love, they are Denizen jeans, by Levi, found at Target. At this stage in the game of life, ahem, 30, skinny jeggings from forever 21 just don't cut it for my post pregnant, birthed three babes body anymore. And I love that store, but at some point you need to come to grips with the sad reality, that nobody is forever, 21. So moving on to real people clothes, I love these jeans because the high waist is lovely for those widened hip bones. Just staten facts ladies, don't shoot the messenger. And last but not least, the booties. I was searching everywhere for some black suede fringe bootie wedges, like Emily wore on the Bachelorette, but never found any, under 200 dollars. Psh. yeah right. So, luckily I found this excellent alternative at Nordstrom Rack, these Dolce Vita beauties were 50 bucks and worth every penny. I love these things!  Also, my hair was curled with my dope Remington, super affordable curling wand that I found on Amazon, that I still LOVE. So, cheers to the holidays and holiday outfits! Please omment if you guys want more posts! 
XOXO, Janean

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Vegan Avocado Cilantro Ranch Dressing

Tonight for dinner I wanted to eat something that "felt clean." I feel like Valentines Day junked me all up. I mean, heavens, I made a Candy Poster for the hubs. We have had treats galore! I needed a little detox. I wanted a salad, and I love the taste of Ranch, but really, we all know its not that healthy for you and if you buy it from the store it most likely has lots of chemicals and weird stuff in it that you can't pronounce and have no idea what it is. I have been trying really hard lately to make most of my food from scratch, or buy food with food ingredients in it. For example, have you ever made bread? it has like 4 ingredients. Water, flour, oil, yeast. Next time youre at the grocery store, look at the ingredients of your favorite bread, if it has "bread ingredients" yay! If not, reconsider. I'm not perfect at it yet, but I'm trying.  
For tonight's salad I made up a recipe, based off of the flavors I knew I wanted in my dressing, and boy is it delicious!!!

1.5 cups roasted unsalted cashews
1 large avocado
1/2 bunch of cilantro
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
3/4 tsp salt
1tsp garlic powder
2tsp dill
1/4 tsp black pepper
Juice of 2 limes
2 cups water
Whipped it all up in the blendtec!

I poured it over some romaine, chips, black beans, and tomato. Best of all, i didnt feel guilty licking the bowl, literally. Hubs asked to put this salad into the rotation. Success. Um, btw, this would be pretty perfect if you added grilled chicken to the mix too! This is so tasty, you could put it on burritos, with steak, enchiladas, fish tacos, it would even be amazing as a veggie dip. You get the point. Friends, don't be surprised if you see this on the table when you come over for dinner! So easy, and delicious!! Enjoy!
xoxo, Janean

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