Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bleached Jean Shirt & Making Waves

Today, I was super productive. if you count being crafty and doing my hair and make-up being productive. Which, I do. So, you may or may not have noticed lately but bleached denim is quite the trend right now. Its a little hipster a little rock n roll and a LOT, mom. Well. this mom anyway. I have been on the hunt for the perfect bleached denim top and I have found quite a few that I like, but then I see the price tag and its like 20 bones, and Im like, Really? Come on, you kinda just spilled some bleach on your grandmas gardening shirt.. Psh. I can do THAT. So, I did. Went to the thrift store, while I was in Utah, because out here, they are priced like target. Um, hello, I am not spending seven dollars on a shirt no one wants, when I can get a brand new one from like H&M. Anyway, I picked up this little gem for $4, and it was peeeerrrrfect. Just what I needed. Here is the before and the after...
Bam! Love it. I did it by filling up a small bucket with warm water. Got the shirt wet, this is an important part, it helps the distribution of your "dye" to spread evenly. Otherwise the fabric is bone dry and sucks up all the liquid, too fast. I let the top half of the shirt hang over the edge, into the sink, and left the bottom submerged. I wanted mine super white so I left it in over night. About 9 hrs.
I couldnt wait to try it on and take pics.. so here we are, shirt and I. Me fresh out of the shower... signature bun and all...
Btw. As you can tell, I am taking this picture in the mirror, so dont mind the dirty baby finger print smudges covering my face. How those scoundrels reached that high is beyond me.

Here is a close up. I love how it bled up the collar.

And then as an added bonus.. I got ready for the day, and took some more pictures.. Hooray for mini photo shoots.
Don't mind me, just takin pics at 6 o clock at night... Next time it will be outside, I just couldnt wait to post!
Oh and I found a fabulous tutorial on how to curl your hair to make it lovely and wavy... Over at CaraLoren.
fun blog, beautiful girl, cute baby. Her blog is def one to check out. And mini side note, I went to High School with her Hus. Small world.
Once I finished my hair I took about a million photos, its not easy to get a good one, by yourself, in the bathroom. I did have my 4 year old, try to take some for me, I even had him stand on the bed so we were the same height. Still a fail. Sooo, these are the few I chose, and I am going to apologize in advance, for not being sorry that half of them are the duck face.. Sorry not sorry, boys..

Here I am , thinking, "if only I had a better camera." Which reminds me, any camera companies, want to give me one to do a review on??
Oh and I made a healthy fruit smoothie with almond milk, for me and the babes. It was nast. I think it was the kiwi that killed it. Looked good though.
Last but not least, we took our kids to the Del Mar Racetrack, where you drive on the track and look at lights.

The kids loved it, and we did too, the first two times, the third time around we all were about crying... Fun night. Now, I have to go decorate for my little ones bday.

He will be 4 tomorrow. 12.12.12.... And I want him to wake up to a lovely decorated house.
xoxo, Janean

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Monday, December 10, 2012

About Time. Thanks Photobucket.

Here I am trying to upload pics and blog and what not and tell you about where I have been and what I haven been doing. Thanks to a good friend who suggested using photobucket as my image hoster, and posting images from there, I am now able to blog.. pics included!!! YAY!
Thanks KP. (mini shout out)

Here is where we left off..
My Dearest Darlings,
I am sure that you have noticed my absence and have wondered about my whereabouts. I stopped blogging because, well, My Mom started religiously following my blog.. The good news is, I'm back!  Just kidding, (mom) I have been visiting the fam during the month of November and The Hus has been in Asia for work. My family lives in Utah. I was there for about 3 weeks. I dont think I realized how small of a town it was until going back this time. Its seriously like something you might imagine would be a back drop for a movie. Here is what my trip consisted of, wrapped up in pictures, of course.

Driving down streets like this. This is main street people. Beautiful.

Homes like this exist on Main Street. Please excuse the crookedness. We were driving and trying to not alarm the owner, who was on the right. I cropped him out.

The Government building.

We ate at places like this. That looked this on the inside.

 In this building, is a clothing boutique, a cafe, and a photo framing shop, I believe. Also, please note, that this "shopping center" is smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood.
Cup of soup? Coming right up.

Drove past the cemetery, daily, because you know, its right in the middle of main street. No big deal. Btw. I have NO idea where my cemetery is out here in San Diego.

We went to church with cousins, and gave it a thumbs up.

Went to the local trampoline park about 3 times. WE loved it. If you go to one of these places, pee before and wear a belt. Dont say I didnt warn you.

Took lots of self portraits... The Hus was gone for two whole weeks. I was bored sometimes, ok..

Tried to entertain early morning babes with the iPad. Worked, about 75% of the time. Which means, about 4 minutes.

Killed it with some black friday shopping. 3 pairs per babe. I love me some colored pants for these cats. Thank you H&M.

Begged to play in the snow every. day.

Welcomed home and unshaven Hus. Obligatory proof portraits were due. The insta needed proof he was home...
Took pics with our favorite toys and then added pirate eye patches to an accidental pirate face... Kinda perf right?

Got kinda stoked when I realized I was raising the next Justin Beiber, when my kid BEGGED and CRIED hysterically for these. I bought them, really, how could I not? Let the money start flowin kid. Lets get this guy on the disney channel shall we?

Last but not least, we wrapped it up with some family photos. After almost everyone cried, seriously, we got a few good ones! Thanks Mom.
Then we hit the road. Back to California and a 20 hr trip. Which went quite well, if you consider, the mini barfing, and me barfing and the older one having to pee in a McD's cup, well. Take my advice and NEVER leave the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We moved about 45 miles in 2.5 hours, pretty much the whole way. Yay for people visiting their families!

And there you have it folks!
I'm back!
xoxo, Janean

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Blogging Conundrum

My Darlings,
I am not lost or missing. Although, it may seem like it. I was out of town for a while, and since getting back I have tried to blog, but it seems as though Google is making it difficult for me to add images. I am being requested to pay about $25 a year to post images to my blog. I'll be honest, I havent blogged lately because I have not decided if thats something I want to do or not. I love blogging but its not my career or making me any real money. I can only blog as much as its worth to me. So, until I figure out what Im going to do, as far the blog goes.You can follow me on Instagram, linked over there at the side. Or you can look me up, JANEANSOCAL. Besides, you only really want to see pics anyway right? Right.
xoxo, Janean
Happy Friday!
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