Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Fun Facts

I always thought it would be cool
to be born on Feb. 29.
Such a unique day.
Only comes every 4 years.
Here are some fun facts about today.

Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November;
All the rest have thirty-one
Save February, she alone
Hath eight days and a score
Til leap year gives her one day more.

According to astrologers, those born under the sign of Pisces on February 29 have unusual talents and personalities reflecting their special status.

2012 is a leap year, with 366 days instead of the usual 365 days.
It was the ancient Egyptians who first figured out that the solar year and the man-made calendar year didn't always match up.
That's because it actually takes the Earth a little longer than a year to travel around the Sun — 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds, to be exact.
Therefore, as the hours accumulated over the centures, an extra day was occasionally added to the calendar, and over time the practice became more or less official.
The Romans first designated February 29 as leap day, but a more precise formula (still in use today) was adopted in the 16th century when the Gregorian calendar fine-tuned the calculations to include a leap day in years only divisible by four - 2012, 2016, 2020, 2024, etc.
Another stipulation ruled that no year divisible by 100 would have a leap year, except if it was divisible by 400. Thus, 1900 was not a leap year ... but 2000 was! Go figure.
Thankfully, all this intricate plotting will continue to keep us in tune with the seasons over the next several thousand years

While leap day helped official timekeepers, it also resulted in social customs turned upside down when February 29 became a "no man's land" without legal jurisdiction.
As the story goes, the tradition of women romantically pursuing men in leap years began in 5th century Ireland, when St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick about the fair sex having to wait for men to propose. Patrick finally relented and set February 29 aside as the day set aside allowing women the right to ask for a man's hand in marriage.
The tradition continued in Scotland, when Queen Margaret declared in 1288 that on February 29 a woman had the right to pop the question to any man she fancied. Menfolk who refused were faced with a fine in the form of a kiss, a silk dress, or a pair of gloves given to the rejected lady fair.
A similar modern American tradition, Sadie Hawkins Day, honors "the homeliest gal in the hills" created by Al Capp in the cartoon strip Li'l Abner. In the famous story line, Sadie and every other woman in town were allowed on that day to pursue and catch the most eligible bachelors in Dogpatch. Although the comic strip placed Sadie Hawkins Day in November, today it has become almost synonymous with February 29.

Kinda cool.
Anyone doing anything special to celebrate?
Any parties?
Well, if you forgot to party this year,
you have 4 years to prepare for the next,
so it better be an awesome party!!

Happy Leap Day!

(all info from here: 

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Modest Summer 2012 Swimsuit Trends

Soooo, does anyone elses Target 
have rows and rows of
 colorful, frilly, striped, slinky, and string filled 
staring them in the face??
Or is it just here, in Summer year round,
tourist destination San Diego?
I mean, really? Really?
We just had Christmas, I JUST had a baby,
I am NOT beach or swimsuit ready yet.
I am STILL.. THINKING about getting
my gym pass.
Regardless, the weather is beautiful here
and  we have been to the beach and the pool already
this year.
So I might as well start thinking about
what I am going to wear to said locations.
I do need to replace that maternity suit.
Although, the bod is not the same since 
havin babes, and I really should buy my own
spray tan machine..
With all that being said, here are a few
Modest (read: cover the pregnancy battle wounds)
suits that, I might not mind wearin.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lightbulb Chandelier

Here is the inspiration for my latest project.
Wish me luck!

Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Easy & Delicious Aspargus Recipe

So guys, I guest blogged over at my friends blog
the other day.
So fun!
And heres what I said:

Hello! Frame Tales readers.
I am so excited that Tess has asked me to 
guest blog over here.
Today I am going to share 
a super delicious way to make 
Every time I make this vegetable,
(which is all the time, now)
everyone seriously, raves.
I am not joking, people are like doing 
the "mmm" thing when they eat my food.
(a vegetable at that)
I only thought people made those sounds
at the dinner table, in the movies.
Surprisingly, it is not so.
Its so simple its ridiculous, and so worth trying.
So worth it.

I start with 2 bunches of Asparagus,
(I really only buy them if they are $3 ea or less)
And then rinse them off and, 
chop about 3 inches off the bottoms.
Then I arrange them on my pan,
like so. I drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
(EVOO if youre a Rachel Ray fan)
Then sprinkle salt, about 1tblsp.
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Paranormalcy & Supernaturally Book Review/ Recommendation

I just finished reading this book.
And it was really, really good.
Its the sequel to this book.
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Create See Through Text In Photoshop.

Last night I spent waaaay to long
looking up ways on how to make an image
appear through the text in Photoshop,
(for my header banner)

let's just say that there are multiple
ways to do it, but this way is by FAR
the easiest.
Its so simple its stupid.
I came up this idea on my own,
after thinking, 
"Heavens, there
has GOT to be an easier way to this."
There totally is.
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Videos of the day

Unfortunately (or fortunately??) these two videos 
pretty much sum up my day.

Also, you know your day can only get better
when watching your son dance to
ACDC live video, makes you emotional.
That is not a joke.
I cried.
Ugh, hormones.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Guest Blogger, Guest Blogging & DIY Book Page Wreath Tutorial

Heavens to Betsy!
I am so excited about this post today,
I cant even stand it!
So, forever ago, I saw circulating,
book page wreaths, all over the internet and
decided to make my own.
My wreath, above my bed,
covered in Anthro Tuxedo bedding,
with vinyl polka dots on the wall.

Then I went over to my friend Tess'
house and mine was utterly put to shame.
Hers was amazing and glorious.
For my own selfish reasons I have asked her 
to guest blog on how she makes it.
She agreed.
And I, was ecstatic.
Well, let me just say, you guys are some
lucky ducks.
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Wardrobe, Link Party & (another) Feature

Holy Smokes Folks!
Can I just say 
2 Features in like 2 (basically 3) days?!

homemade crafts

This is amazing! 
I. Am. Floored.
Just Friday Tatertots & Jello featured moi,
now, another huge name in the blog world,
featured my blog post as well.

Ok, enough of my gushing with gratitude,
although, I dont think anyone can ever
be too grateful for anything.
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great Buy & A Feature

You guys!
I am so excited to say that my
has been featured on Tatertots & Jello!

TT&J is a big name in the blogosphere and Jen 
really knows her stuff. 
What she has done with her blog is 
what, I imagine everyone who starts a blog, hopes
to achieve. I know I do.
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron Tutorial : Review

Ever since my I went home to visit
and my 16 year old sister was curling
her hair with a curling iron, I have been 
wanting to learn how.
Pride, has kept me from asking.
Then last time I went home, 
my Mom, was doing it too.
Now, when your mother jumps 
on board with a new styling technique, 
before you.. lets just say she lit a fire,
under my boo-tay.
With that being said, I was on the 
Youtube hunt to find the perf 
"how to curl your hair with a flat iron"
The results were overwhelming to say the least.
I mean, how hard should this process be,
if my Mom can do it...
So, here are a few tutorials, I found,
that I liked, but none worked the best
for me as number three did.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anthro Sale Alert

I need.
One Hundred Dollars.

Oh how I love when 
Anthropologie bedding
goes on sale.
Love it.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Juicer Recipe

Today's juice concoction of the day:

2 Apples (Gala)
7 Carrots
2 Celery Stalks
4 Strawberries
1 Broccoli Stalk
1/2 cup Blueberries
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Menu

Happy Valentines Day friends!
On the agenda for today will 
consist of  decorating sugar cookies
using this frosting recipe:

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Carrot Apple Juice

I have had my juicer for a while now, 
but lately, I have been juicing like 
every single day,
I crave it.
I have tried all kinds of flavors
and concoctions, berries, spinach, celery,
oranges, grapefruits.
(sometimes all together.. not bad)
And my juice blend of choice is Carrot-Apple.

I wanted to make sure that I was being healthy 
and not just getting addicted to the flavor.
The results I found, were astonishing.
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Wardrobe Link Party

Its that time again.
Lets see what you wore.
With Valentines Day right around the corner,
I wore this lovely little hearts vest.
Which I inherited from my sister a while ago.

I put a short sleeved polka dot shirt under it,
which I scored from Target for $6
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Fiesta Lime Rice

I found this idea off of Pinterest
and I really dont know why it never occured
to me to do it before.
It is delicious, healthy, and, I am addicted.
Thats some good stuff to be addicted to.

Original Pinterest Idea
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Pony-Bun Hair Tutorial

This is an extremely easy way to 
pull your hair back and make it
look like it took longer than 5 min to throw back.
And look like you actually have somewhere to go,
other than the park or the grocery store.
(which Im sure most of you do. 
I, on the other hand, do not.)

Ok, so I do this hairstyle when no other hairstyle 
will suffice. It may look like my hair is all fine and 
dandy.  But rest assured, it is not.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Update: Cookie Oreo Brownies

My sister and I challenged each other
to make something form one of our 
Pinterest pinboards.
For my item to be re-created from Pinterest,

I mean, really, who wouldnt want to make that?
And I totally needed an excuse to do it,
because, ladies and gentlemen, 
It. Is. Sinful.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

So, The Sis and I are doing a 
Pinterest Challenge.
She picks 3 things from my various 
pin boards and I from hers.
And then the other person gets to pick one
of the items that they want to re-create.

I chose a dessert, and had The Hus
go get me the items while he was out,
literally like 5 minutes later.
(it looked that good..)

It has oreos in it, but I wont ruin the surprise.
Now, the real challenge is
not eating all the oreos,
before I make the treat.
And trust me, its turning out to be 
A. Real. Challenge.

Also, pps. there were a few bugs 
in my Weekend Wardrobe Link Party,
lucky for you, all the bugs are out, and you
can now add your weekend wardrobe.
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!
I know, those words aren't usually 
used together. But, fake it til
ya make it, right?
Anyway, here are some Valentines Day
inspired images. Lets brighten up this
gray Monday with a little bit of pink shall we!

Swooning over that chair.
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Wardrobe Link Party

So I saw this idea, first on The Letter 4 blog.
I thought it was such a great idea, that I 
wanted to extend it to my blog 
and you all as well.
Its like a craft link party, but for clothes.
Double points if you made an item yourself.
Although, were not keeping score.
I usually go on hiatus on the weekends,
from the blog, since we get so crazy busy.
But clothes, I can do that.
I get ready for church every Sunday,
so luckily, (hopefully)
I can do this post every weekend.
Heres what I wore today:

High waisted black ruffle skirt.
Cream loose fitted top.
Black lace tights.
Black heels.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Being Creative Is Learned

"Im SOO not creative."
I hear that statement ALL the time.
Really, I get it.
I didnt used to always think like this either. 
I used to get super annoyed when I 
would walk around Target with 
The Hus when we were first married,
and I would say,
"Ooo, I love that wreath, and wow, its on sale for $15!"
And then he would burst my bubble
and say something like
"Psh, who would pay $15 for that thing?! I could make it for $5"
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So, We Bought A Fish

My kid loves animals,
every time we are at the doctors
he goes and sits right by the huge 
aquarium and talks to the fish.
If we hear a dog outside
he yells out the window
"Sorry dog, I cant play right now, Im watching a show!"
(I was serious about the yelling)
So, last time we were at the pet store
he was talking to the fish and showing them
his toys.
(he has friends I promise)
So I decided its high time we get a pet.
Oh, heavens. 
What was I thinking!
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