about me

I'm a wife and a mother to three boys! So by default, I feel like im taking crazy pills just about everyday. I love my babes and The Hus, but sometimes I need a little break from the chaos. I feel more myself when I can be creative.

Luckily my husband, the artist, indulges me in my creativity, (if you want to feel like a loser, hang out with his overly talented family for a day) and is Mr. Can Make Anything, so that helps. We met on a blind date. Look at that, those do work out. So, keep letting your friends set you up, people. Or at least, your friends mom. That's who set us up. We had our oldest child 2 weeks before our one year anniversary. That was NOT the plan, and had the next two boys soon after. Right now I am totally livin la vida loca.

Anywhere I go, people make sure to tell me that I have my hands full. And I totally do.

Together we're like our own Matha Stewart Co. I come up the ideas and then... put him to work. We all know she just takes credit.
I am super passionate about eating healthy (most of the time), making cute clothes for the boys, creating memories for my kids, trying new things, baking from scratch, fashion and beauty trends and my faith. All while keeping it real. Because, lets get real, no one is ever ready EVERY day, and no ones kids are ALWAYS perfectly behaved, and EVERY stay at home mom and working mom, probably deals with POOP, EVERY day. 

Sometimes I make and sell stuff, and sometimes, its just easier to make 1 thing and show everyone how to make it.
Well, the blog name "crap ive made" was already taken, so here's my life and how i try to keep sane.

XOXO Janean

photos taken by the lovely, Ashley Henry @ 41st Avenue Photography Pin It
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