Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Its been a YEAR

Its been about a year since I blogged. Well, its been about 11 months to be exact, which totally makes sense.. when you account for the fact that I JUST HAD A BABY! What the what?! Thats right. Boy number three. Bring on the crazy! Not a whole lot has happened in the last year. Just a lot of weight gain and barfing. Which btw how is that fair at all??! Barf and get fat?? Whatever. I havent been that crafty. Ive made a few things, like some baby blankets and a pillow or two. So I will show you those.

I mostly spent my days at the pool or the beach, trying not to die from insanity or exhaustion. I think it worked, im still not sure.. I did start a blog with some super talented sis in laws. You can read it over here . But since 3 out of the 4 of us are either pregant or just had a baby, its not really thriving and jiving quite yet. Other than getting ready for the holidays and trying to get a shower in everyday (story of my life!) Not much is new. Well, I just wanted to blog...
xoxo, janean
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