Friday, March 30, 2012

Flashback Friday

This time four years ago, we were out celebrating for
The Hubs birthday.
I made cupcakes.
We had bought Sea World passes and would go 
all the time.
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anthropologie Inspired Constellation Shirt

A while back I bought a fabulous cheap 
gray shirt from TJ Maxx, I'm talkin
5 bucks cheap. I love these shirts
and like to buy plain ones all the time.
Either for a staple plain tee or to dress up.
This particular one I dressed up. I sewed on some
rhinestones and added cute little lace details.
After a years worth of washing though, the lace
had seen its day. 

With the rhinestones still lookin pretty sharp,
I sewed a few more on to the shirt.

And being inspired by this sweater I bought
at Anthropologie at Christmas time.

I bought some embroidery thread and mapped out
my own little dipper.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shooting Guns In High Heels

Last night The Hus was showing me online
a pic of the handgun he had just purchased 
and I'll be honest, I was a little miffed that he didnt even ask
for my opinion on what it should look like.
Cuz, you know thats all that matters right?
Is what the gun looks like.
Anyway, the convo went as so,

"What the heck?, You didnt even ask for my opinion on what it should look like!"
"Um, why would I ask you what my gun should look like?"
"Beee-cauuuse, if Im going to be shooting it too, I should have a say."
"Yeah, exactly. When are you going to be shooting it?"
(Im not really a gun fanatic or anything)
"I don't know, like if a bad guy comes in. Or, maybe when we go to the range once in a while."
"Oh, I get it. You just want to wear high heels and shoot guns."
Uhhhhh.... what the freak? When and how did this conversation turn into 
your little fantasy mister...?
Right, because thats what I dream about doing.
Shooting guns, in high heels.
Lets get real.
With that being said, heres my dream gun.
Oh, and this just popped up in my Facebook newsfeed,
from Beautylish.
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Monday, March 26, 2012


Sometimes when you have been cleaning
the house and taking care of babies
and trying to get everything organized 
for family pictures, all day
and you really need a shower,
because its literally 5 o'clock in the evening
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Lets just get something straight first.
I LOOOOVE my mom. She fun, funny,
(hilarious), smart, gorgeous, and so kind, 
friendly and just all around a great person.
She is also, so very conservative.
Its quite endearing (now, that Im out of the house.)
With that in mind, todays confessions are about 
keeping up appearances, around my mother.

"Crap" is a swear word to my mom,
I still try to not say it around her.

Every time she comes to town
I take down the picture of me in a bikini 
at the beach. Theres 2 pics in that frame,
for that very reason. It gets
replaced with one of the beach.

I love my mom. She is so cute!
and sneak Dr. Pepper around her.
I know, I am so bad.
(dont worry, she doesnt read the blog...)
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Flashback Friday

So, lets go back to that one time,
my facebook status read as:

"Dear Christian, (2yo)

Thank you for going throughout
the house with a pen, and marking which
walls need to be repainted.
Your efforts have not been in vain."

Your Mother

Lets just say, that was a "fun" time
and call it day.

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project Runway Love

My sister in law sent this too me,
and with it being that tonight is the Finale of 
Project Runway All Stars,
and, yes I have been watching,
I just thought this was so fitting!
I about died laughing.
So great!

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Super Blonde

So I got my hair done today
because we have family pics on Sat.
I .am. stressin guys.
Its like, "gotta make sure everyone looks
good and we match, but not too matchy,
and we gotta make sure the colors of everyones
outfits go together and I gotta bring
snacks, food for babes, props."
Fun stuff. 
I am a stresser.
I just am.
I wish I could be easy going, but being 
easy going feels so.... irresponsible.
Sickening, right?
New blondeness
I know the hair looks kinda blown out
in the pic, but that color is pretty close to real life.
Baiscally, If was a super hero, my name would be
 Super Blonde.
 Anyway, hoping the kids dont fall asleep on the car ride
to our desitnation and wake up crankier than a Janean
on any given morning..(true story)
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rainy Day Inspiration

Today, its pouring outside,
Im talking, cats & dogs, giraffes, elephants,
rhinos, octopi, you catch my drift.
Borderline, Seattle WA. 
(ive never been, it just looked really rainy
all the time, when they went there on The Bachelor.)

In elementary school. when it would
rain, I kinda loved those days, when we
played bored games for indoor recess.
(now that im an adult, im sure teachers hated it...)

I still love the rain. It doesnt happen
much in our neck of the woods,
down in sunny southern california.
(go ahead, hate me)
But when it does, I love it.
So today I am inspired by it and really
loving the rain inspired designs I am finding.

Get Well Soon Card

 Cloud Stools

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Posting In Real Time

This is what I look like and how I
feel right now.
Minus the comic book effect.
Fresh out of the shower, hair not brushed,
thrown in a bun.
Not a stitch of makeup on, or deodorant,
(am I the only one who doesnt wear it before they go to bed?)

 And then this guy shows up...

Ps dont mind the horrible quality pics
from the comp.
The thing cost me like 200 bucks and is missing
half the keys, ok.
Oh and the milk spilling out of babes face..

Tonight Im feeling a little defeated,
a little stressed, overwhelmed, and a lot tired.
The house is a mess and I have been 
stuck in a barf cage the past 3 days.
You know, I could pretend that my life is great and
fabulous and wonderful every single minute of every single day,
but Im trying to keep it real folks.
Ive got piles of laundry to do, a bicycle in my bedroom,
oodles upon oodles of projects that are half done, 
the house needs to be vacuumed, bad.
And I have zero motivation to do any of it.
So, instead, Im blogging about it.
Therapy I suppose.
Maybe I'll go make those brownies,
since The Hus just cleaned the kitchen.
He's a good catch.
Im feeling better already.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Get Perfect Eyebrows

Dear MAC Cosmetics,

Thank you for making me believe that this eyebrow pencil is worth the $15 it cost.
Because it totally is. I am a believer for life.


Color: Fling.

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Make Skin Glow: A Photoshop Tutorial

I Photoshop my pictures. A lot.
The Hus and I both do.
It is rare that I post an un-photoshopped
pic on the internet.
(I mean, the stuff we put on the internet,
is going to be around for like ever...)

So much so, that I swear our kids are going
to grow up and look at our perfect flawless
pictures of ourselves, and think we have aged
Photoshop can seem like a beast to use, and 
super overwhelming at first.
But if you can learn a few simple tricks,
it can make a world of difference in your photos.
With that being said, I dont claim to be
a master, but I am for sure an excellent manipulator.
Here is an example 

Not bad, right? 
But here is the before.
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Confessions

 Ok guys, sorry I missed last week,
Im hoping to make this a regular thing, because 
A) I think its a super cute and clever idea
 B) because Im sure you want to know all
about me, and 
C) Im a narcissist, obviously.

First off, can those count as confessions??
Here goes, Sunday Confessions.

I love cilantro. 
A lot.

I love walking into the bathroom and see my kid
wipe his own bum. It makes me feel
very accomplished as a mother.

Everyday I am becoming more and more
like my own mother, and I couldnt be happier
about it.

My most embarrassing moment,
(well, one of them)
was falling asleep in English class in highschool
during silent reading time, and then farting so loud
I woke myself up.
Everyone thought it was the kid behind me.
You better believe I let them think that.
And I still only sorta feel bad about 
letting him take the blame,
but not really.

Me and my highschool girlfriends. 

I really have no idea how to use grammar.
We moved so much growing up, that I missed
that part of my English education.
(So bear with me)
Although some of my mistakes are
out of pure laziness.
(cue cringing from my English loving family and friends)

I am on the graveyard shift of barf duty tonight
as I write this...
And slightly starting to resemble 
a Zombie. But its cool, because
Zombies are so in right now...

So, what confession do you have today?
(You know, you can post anonymously...)

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

What are Hashtags? The number Symbol (#) used for?

I decided to write this post, because Im sure
all of you have seen it being used in the 
Cyber World aka The Internet.
But not everyone might know what it is, why its used
or how to interpret them.
So Im here to help.
aka Number Symbol
This "#" is called a hashtag.
Here are some helpful words from Twitter, 
where the trend originated from.
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Flashback Friday

I thought Id share an old post
from the personal blog,
from when I was pregnant with the first
babe. Just over 4yrs ago.

Oct 2008
So considering it has been cooler weather here and hopefully will stay on that downward path, I went out today to buy more maternity clothing and a few pieces more 'weather appropriate', and had an interesting epiphany. I LOVE Maternity stores! I know weird right? I thought they were like the death store but now I have much appreciation for them... Here's why. Today whilst shopping I first went into a 'regular' person store (i.e. without child) and let me tell you two words, de-press-ion, ok make that three words.
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I blog in my sleep

How I keep sane??
Should be, how I make myself crazy.
So, I dont really blog in my sleep, 
but I do, keep myself up at night.
Tossing and turning in my bed
thinking of how to make my blog better,
what I should post about, how to be 
more organized, how to make my blog beautiful,
and clever and witty things to say.
I really do.
So I hope you enjoy my pre-meditated changes and wit, 
as Im sure they will occur quite often.
(especially the wit)
Oh and appreciate the fact, that I am a Mom,
and get farted on, pretty much in the face, by 
my 3yo boy as I write this...

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spring 2012

Heres some of my Spring Fashion inspirations.
Floral prints, bright colors, funky bags,
chunky jewels and colored jeans.
The latter is a major wardrobe
must have.
I just bought myself some purple
skinny cigarettes, (pants that is.)
And I am hoping to add some
bright pink ones in the very near future.

spring 2012

I love Spring fashion,
its like a delicious rainbow of
Delicious it is.

Now, go out and buy those
bright colored skinnys.
Trust me, you wont regret it.

spring 2012 by janeandavis featuring skinny leg jeans
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Top Knot Hair Tutorial: High Bun

Ok, gals and guys, this trend has just been
hot and all over the place.
A high bun, or as I like to call it,

The Top Knot.
(so catchy, i know)
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Boys DIY Knock Off Designer Chevron Shirt

If it wasnt for Pinterest, I must say,
that I wouldnt be as fashionably cultured as
I have recently become, and my house, would
be a whole heck of a lot cleaner.

With that being said, I stumbled upon this
amazing childrens clothing line.
I was immediately, pinning everything and thinking
 like, "where have you been 
all my life with your glorious childrens clothes?"

Oh, thats right, out of my budget.
I fell in love with this shirt.

But at a price of $25, and a 
whopping 8 bucks, for shipping, 
for a grand total of $33, for a shirt hes going 
to wear to the park and ruin with in a couple months.
I thought,
Psh, I can make that.
(oh, the famous last words of a crafter...)
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Detox Juice Recipe for Juicer

After going out for pizza with "friends"
(I say "friends", because real friends dont invite you
out for pizza. Real friends invite you out for water,
and *ahem* Zumba... you know who you are.)

I had to do a little detox.
So I whipped up this little recipe for the juicer.

2 Gala Apples
1 Cucumber
1 Broccoli Crown
2 Celery Stalks

It made just over 2 cups. Which was plenty
for me and one of my girlfriends.
It was a gorgeous color, which was probably
its saving grace, considering it tasted,
extremely, healthy.

Def a detox juice flavor.
Verry, celeryish and the broccoli was strong
too. You couldnt even taste the apples.
Coulda used a carrot or two, Im sure.

But hey we felt healthier, and that was 
really all that mattered.
(psychological or not)
But I dont think I will be making this again.
Not without carrots anyway.
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Since its Sunday, I thought Id confess
to you guys a few things.

I love to vacuum, yet always forget how to spell it.
(insert spell check)
Theres just something about that instant gratification.
Disgusting, I know.

I rarely wear makeup. 
I love to get ready,
but since becoming a Mom, I rarely feel the 
daily need, and kinda like being able to rub my eyes
throughout the day.

I am a sucker for Reality TV shows.
But can't get myself to buy cable, just
so I can watch Real Housewives
on the night it actually airs.
So, for now, Hulu will suffice.

I dont always wash my face at night,
and totally should.

When I was a kid, I hated leftovers.
Being a Mom, I loooove them.
There is totally something to be said about 
making dinner once for 2 (or 3) days.

I change my living room around about as
often as I change my clothes.

And last but not least, my dining room table,
is my "craft room."

So, whats your confession??
Make it a good one!
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Friday, March 2, 2012

15 Minute Mirror Makeover

As I was looking around my house 
and just itching to change something.
I found this to be very daring, but 
sooo rewarding.
I chose a focal point, or like basically
 a major player in my living room design,
and changed it. 
I'll be honest, I was nervous, but with a 
little nudge from my friend, I just did it.
Threw all caution to the wind.
And I am very happy with the results.
Its a little hard to tell from the pic,
but it is a world of difference, a much 
more rustic feeling.

I used my mantle over the mirror, which can 
be seen in pretty much all my mantle decor
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