Monday, October 17, 2011

Fallin For Food

Lately I have been pinning like crazy.
And Im totally loving all the Fall Foods Im finding.
I feel like I am stuck in a food recipe rut.
So, I decided I will try a few new recipes. 
I wouldnt call myself an excellent chef or anything,
But I AM an excellent reader.
Basically, I can follow a recipe.

Tonight I am making:

Sweet Potato Fries

 Zucchini with Golden Cherry Tomatoes,
Pine Nuts and Basil

Not what Im eating.
I just looooove Bobby Flay.
Fabulous Balsamic Marinated
Beef with White Rice

Since I was adding TV personalities
that I would be BFF in real life.
Cant skip out on Tim Gunn.
xoxo Timmy!
Lets get real, with those two in your life, 
a girl could NEVER go wrong.
Fabulous Food and Fashion.
What more could you need???

Well, wish me luck on my new recipe adventures.
Hope I inspired you.

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