Sunday, November 20, 2011

DIY Print on to Fabric to Make Appliques

Its that time again, craft time.
I often get a crafting itch. It comes after,
"Ahhh! My life is crazy, I need to make something!"
This time, I thought I would try printing an image 
from my computer, thats right, through my printer,
on to fabric.
Craziness?? You better believe it!
Jet Shirt

 I got this steal of a shirt for 3 whole dollars 
at my local H&M.
Can we say, fabulous?!
Here's what I did, got out some freezer paper
and ironed it shiny side down to my, random
tee shirt that nobody wears, fabric.

Freezer Paper has a little coating of plastic to it.
When ironed to fabric, it slightly adheres, 
and can be gently removed, 
leaving no residue. 

Ironing Freezer Paper
to material

Taping to printer paper

I then cut out a piece a little 

larger than my image
and taped it to regular printer paper.

Here it is taped, to the regular printer paper
and loaded. It just loaded like normal paper
WITH the printer paper, otherwise,
just the Freezer Paper is too flimsy.

Loading into printer

After a few failed attempts
to load it into the printer without the guide of regular
paper, and jamming my machine (un unbeknownst to The Hus),
twice. This method, worked best.

Learn from my mistake folks.

Image printed onto fabric

Here's my printed image.
I have found some of my best images
by looking for coloring pages.
This one, I googled,"jet coloring pages."
Pretty fantastic if you ask me.
All that smudging, isnt noticeable in real life,
my cameras just ghetto.

Heat set with iron
 Then you have to "heat set" the ink.
Apparently, this only works with an
inkjet printer, not laser, but I only
have an inkjet, so I wouldnt know.

Gluing down with fabric glue

 Then, I used my fabulous, handy
dandy, fabric glue. I didnt have
any fusible interfacing on hand, so this worked great. 

Homemade applique

 Its washable too, and supposed to 
be permanent. But hey, if its not, I'll just make another.

And this guy could care less, he LOVES
his new "jet shirt"!
Another success!
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  1. Love this! I have a little boy too and think that I'll be giving this a try!

  2. Thanks! im glad u like it! xoxo janean


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