Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Target Sale

When I find a deal, thats just too good,
I have to share.
I know Target has great deals
a many a time.
(like last week when I bought
3, thats right, 3 cardigans for
$20. major deal.)
But I found this for the mini whilst
I was there looking for diapers.

I bought 2. 
One in his size for now, and one 
for the next size up.
I hate buying kid clothes that I actually
like and then they cant wear them, 
in 3 months.
So if I like something, I buy 2.
Anyway, I was taking it out of the bag
and the 3yr old was watching me.

I said, "Do you like it?"
"Yeah, its really nice."
"Where should the baby wear it?"
"Hmm , maybe church. Or a museum."

Thats right, Ive got classy kids.
(a printed tuxedo onesie.. i know, super classy..)
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1 comment:

  1. I laughed at that museum statement. So cultured.


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