Friday, February 3, 2012

Being Creative Is Learned

"Im SOO not creative."
I hear that statement ALL the time.
Really, I get it.
I didnt used to always think like this either. 
I used to get super annoyed when I 
would walk around Target with 
The Hus when we were first married,
and I would say,
"Ooo, I love that wreath, and wow, its on sale for $15!"
And then he would burst my bubble
and say something like
"Psh, who would pay $15 for that thing?! I could make it for $5"

I hated it like the dickens.
Now, I am totally, that person.
It drives my friends nuts, but thrills me beyond belief.
I mean, who thinks to make their own, 
lip balm, body scrub, holiday decorations, furniture,
and has boxes of feathers, jewelry making supplies,
ribbon, felt, fabric, vinyl, batting, padding,
 fabric glue, dye and lace, lying around just IN CASE.
(cuz you know as soon as you throw it out, is the precise moment you need it)
Upcycle, reuse, recyle, transform.
I love those words.
But getting to think that way, 
has been a journey.
It takes time to and practice to look
at bag of coffee filter and think,
Yes! Perfect for a pendant lamp, or wreath.

Or walk to the dollar section of Target
with all their cheesy stuff and think,
"This would be so rad with a coat of paint."
(this whole post is delish!)

It takes time, and effort, yes, but luckily,
it takes no money, and when you DO
start to DIY think, it saves money.
But that is debatable if you ask The Hus,
 according to him, money spent is money spent,
not saved. 
But whatever, right?

Hope I inspired you to think differently
and realize you ARE creative, or are at least
 to think about being creative...
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