Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Modest Summer 2012 Swimsuit Trends

Soooo, does anyone elses Target 
have rows and rows of
 colorful, frilly, striped, slinky, and string filled 
staring them in the face??
Or is it just here, in Summer year round,
tourist destination San Diego?
I mean, really? Really?
We just had Christmas, I JUST had a baby,
I am NOT beach or swimsuit ready yet.
I am STILL.. THINKING about getting
my gym pass.
Regardless, the weather is beautiful here
and  we have been to the beach and the pool already
this year.
So I might as well start thinking about
what I am going to wear to said locations.
I do need to replace that maternity suit.
Although, the bod is not the same since 
havin babes, and I really should buy my own
spray tan machine..
With all that being said, here are a few
Modest (read: cover the pregnancy battle wounds)
suits that, I might not mind wearin.

And this one, isnt really going to 
cover anything up, but its really, really cute.

Oh, and by the way, is anyone else
watching The Bachelor?
Because Switzerland, is freaking gorgeous!
Lets skip the gym and go to Switzerland!
Doesnt look like theyre having
swimsuit weather there.
(Unless, of course you ARE on The Bachelor,
then bikinis and hot tubs are MANDATORY.

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