Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Confessions

 Ok guys, sorry I missed last week,
Im hoping to make this a regular thing, because 
A) I think its a super cute and clever idea
 B) because Im sure you want to know all
about me, and 
C) Im a narcissist, obviously.

First off, can those count as confessions??
Here goes, Sunday Confessions.

I love cilantro. 
A lot.

I love walking into the bathroom and see my kid
wipe his own bum. It makes me feel
very accomplished as a mother.

Everyday I am becoming more and more
like my own mother, and I couldnt be happier
about it.

My most embarrassing moment,
(well, one of them)
was falling asleep in English class in highschool
during silent reading time, and then farting so loud
I woke myself up.
Everyone thought it was the kid behind me.
You better believe I let them think that.
And I still only sorta feel bad about 
letting him take the blame,
but not really.

Me and my highschool girlfriends. 

I really have no idea how to use grammar.
We moved so much growing up, that I missed
that part of my English education.
(So bear with me)
Although some of my mistakes are
out of pure laziness.
(cue cringing from my English loving family and friends)

I am on the graveyard shift of barf duty tonight
as I write this...
And slightly starting to resemble 
a Zombie. But its cool, because
Zombies are so in right now...

So, what confession do you have today?
(You know, you can post anonymously...)

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  1. I sleep with contacts and makeup in so I don't have to do it tomorrow.
    Sometimes I rock out to the rhythm of my dishwasher. Actually everyday.


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