Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Lets just get something straight first.
I LOOOOVE my mom. She fun, funny,
(hilarious), smart, gorgeous, and so kind, 
friendly and just all around a great person.
She is also, so very conservative.
Its quite endearing (now, that Im out of the house.)
With that in mind, todays confessions are about 
keeping up appearances, around my mother.

"Crap" is a swear word to my mom,
I still try to not say it around her.

Every time she comes to town
I take down the picture of me in a bikini 
at the beach. Theres 2 pics in that frame,
for that very reason. It gets
replaced with one of the beach.

I love my mom. She is so cute!
and sneak Dr. Pepper around her.
I know, I am so bad.
(dont worry, she doesnt read the blog...)

I am late.
All. The. Time.
There, I said it. 
Its something Im working on.
Its funny though, because I was never ever (rarely)
late to class in highschool.
I guess if theres a consequence for it, Im on time.
(jobs, dr.'s, etc)
but everyday stuff...

My husband is better at everything than me.
This isnt even a pity party plea.
Just cold, hard facts.
He always tells me, Im better at:
sleeping in, taking long showers, cooking...
(jokes gettin real old buddy)

But I am more fashionable... phew.

So, whatchya got?
Make it good.

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  1. You are so funny. The picture frame with 2 pictures...I just giggle thinking about you swapping them out when she comes to town! Hahaha...


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