Monday, April 30, 2012

Make It Monday: DIY Terrarium for CHEAP

I have been coveting terrariums for a while now. Some of them are just gorgeous and I really love the idea and feel of something green in the home. Plants bring in life and make a home feel energized. This is what has been on my wishlist.
Terrarium...geodesic terrarium!



Floating vases

But really, I dont have the money to go out and buy some plants and some dirt in the hopes that I dont kill my plants.. I dont have the best track record for that kind of thing.
Anyway, so I was on Pinterest the other day (pick a day, Im always on) and I saw this little thing that read "put the green onion ends in water, and they will re-grow. You will never have to buy green onions again." Sounded good to me. Not that green onions are that expensive, but whatevs, right? Worth a shot. So, I emptied out a baby food jar, filled it with water and put the ends the jar and set in the window sill.

Within days, it started to sprout again. How lovely! (something on Pinterest finally came through for me.. lol)
But a little baby food jar with plants in the window sill did look a little 9th grade Biology class, and not in a cool way.
I was determined to find some where to put this. Insert BRILLIANT idea. I had a beautiful, but boring, apothecary jar full of shells and rocks I purchased at the dollar store a while ago (not the jar, just the shells.. now THAT would be a steal.) And thought to myself, self, this is the best idea ever. 

I pulled a few shells out to create a shallow hole and snuggled the baby jar with the green onions in it. Filled the edges around the jar to keep it in cognito and Voila!

Amazing and super cute, ridiculously cheap, Terrarium.

Hope I have inspired you today, to be creative!

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  1. Beautiful! I don't have a lot of luck with plants...maybe this time?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. three hours of sleep doesn't help my prowess with words, >.<

    This is an awesome idea, I'll have to think up something that fits in my windowsill


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