Sunday, May 27, 2012

Designer Home Discounts: One Kings Lane

You guys I am here to tell you, of my own free will how much I love to peruse this website. Especially since I am constantly thinking of how to decorate the new pad. It for sure scratches my shopping itch. Its like window shopping, but possibly better. Ugh, I love it! They are getting free advertising, lucky them. One Kings Lane is this super cool website where home decor deals pop up and last for a limited time. They have everything you could ever want for your home. Rugs, vases, lanterns, sconces, pillows, silverware, flatware, topiaries, and the list continues. Here are a few of my favs that are on sale this week.

For you to also get access to the inside deal scoop, you need to sign up with them. Its one of my advertising emails, that I actually look forward to. You can sign up here.

Happy Hunting!

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