Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hump Day Inspiration: Partys

Leave it to my sister to throw a party on whim, and then ask for my "help" to decorate aka I decorate. Leave it to me to look at pinterest for all my inspiration. Pretty much I'm the MacGyver of party decorating. I had, 2 crepe paper colors, some construction paper, a few blank letters, some string and some sprinkles. We also had a pack of 20 balloons, 3 of which we never saw again, thanks to our helpers.. Make that 17 balloons. Here is what we came up with...

A few balloons strung on a string. Easy sauce for sure. Sprinkles in little dishes with candles as centerpiece on top of a crepe paper runner. Chandelier of sorts made from crepe paper hung from the ceiling fan. And lots of streamers strung about. Also, since we only had 2 streamer colors, sis cut up some blue tissue paper. She's the artist of the family. When all was said and done. We were pretty proud of ourselves. Her hus came home and didn't say "Hey wow! Awesome job!" but what he did say was "What the heck?! You never decorated like this for our kids." Which is pretty much the same in my book. Her answer? "Uh.. Janean did it." That's right. I'll take that credit. Lol. But at least on my blog I will give her some of the credit too. You read that, Charity? I'm publicly giving you credit for helping decorate for the party. I'm not taking it all. Just don't tell your husband... Ha!

Xoxo, Janean Pin It

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  1. I like the posts that I get credit in. Ha!
    Our decorating skills rock too!


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