Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Catch Up & Eagle Creek Travel Package Giveaway!

Dear Lovelies,

I appologize for being MIA this weekend. Do you ever hit those times in your life where all of the sudden you are a permanant resident of crazy town and your life is nutzo? That would be me this past week. Holy whirlwind of ridiculousness. We are in the middle of trying to buy something, and I have two small children, thats enough in itself to make anyone feel like a permanent resident of crazy town. Am I right or am I right? Anyway,  let me do a little catch up.
Wednesday we moved into the 21st century and got an iPad. Hooray for iPads. The great thing about Apple is, that they have created things that we never knew we needed, until we have them. I mean, its one of those things that you have and think "Man, this is so freaking awesome! How did I ever live without it before?" I am personally a huge fan of all the apps. Love them. It is totes perf for the babes! How did mothers ever survive?!?!? 

Thursday: I  have been working on all kinds of paperwork and craziness we need to get done for buying this property. I just hope it all works out. I am just going to go ahead and say, that the market is just a mess with all this bank stuff. A real mess.. Moving on.

Friday: The Friday giveaway winner for the beaded applique headband would be the lovely Tess, from The Framed Lady blog. Congrats Tess. You deserve it and it will just look stunning in your golden tresses. 

Also for Flashback Friday, I decided to go back to that one time my sis and I were at my other sisters wedding and decided to pull matching horrendous faces. 

Who knew that was even possible???

And for my next Giveaway, in celebration of school getting out and summer vacations, I have decided to give away some amazing Eagle Creek travel gear! I am lucky enough that The Hus works there and that I know about this awesome stuff. Throughout the summer I am planning on giving away a few "Travel Packages" as I like to call them. I am giving away these, honestly, because I just love summer. And traveling. I just really want to live vicariously through all of you and your fun vacays! 
This little Travel Package, includes:
Mesh Stuffer Set, this is made from breathable mesh, with a drawstring top. The set includes 3 sizes, 4.5in x 11.5in, 5.5in x 13.5in, and 6.5in x 15.5 in. These bags are shaped to eliminate wasted space in luggage and come in multiple colors for identification. I would personally put underwear in one, swimsuits in another and maybe sandals in the last one. But really, you could do whatever. What I love about Eagle Creek stuff is that its like dresser drawers for your luggage. I love the organization factor.

MicroFlex Undercover Neck Wallet. This is ideal for stuffing away personal and private items like credit cards and passports and it slides easily under your shirt. No more getting your wallet stolen out of your purse or pocket. Genius.

Multi-Function Travel Clock. Clock comes with snooze feature, tells time in 16 different cities around the world, a thermometer, date and calculator functions and currency exchange! And it comes with batteries included. Um score.

Last, but best, is a Pack-It Caddy. This comes with a mirror and so many pockets, zippers and nooks that the possibilities are endless. Great for toiletries, or baby supplies, maybe your makeup, or snacks. Heck, all of it.
Man, this stuff is awesome. I'm not quite sure I want to part with it anymore.. But for you Dears, I suppose I will.

So to enter this contest:
  • you must be a follower of my blog, and tell me where you are going this summer, and if you dont have fabulous plans, then tell me what your dream vacation would be. 
  • For extra entries, you can 
  • blog about this, 
  • share it on facebook, 
  • or tweet it. 
  • Please leave a separate comment per entry
  • Good luck friends! Contest will last all week, til next Sunday, May 13th
Now,  last but not least,  a personal fav:
Sunday Confessions:
In my collection of workout videos, I have a hula dancing workout video, a few belly dancing videos and pilates and yoga mix, that are 10 min sesh each (my fav.. lol) a couple of exercise ball videos, and the stretch bands one too... In case you are curious, the Hula dancing one is the hardest. What can I say? I'm white.
Also, I downloaded a butterfly catching app for my kid. I use it WAY more than he does and when I go to the app and see that he has sold all the butterflies I caught.. It really gets under my skin. How ridiculous am I? Super.

Well I hope you all forgive me, for my post lackage and that this made up for it!
Congrats again to Tess, and good luck to those who enter the Eagle Creek Travel Package Giveaway!
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  1. I'm sure we will be venturing to CA sometime this summer. The lovely package would be well used by me.

  2. Following! and we're going to Yellowstone. So we definitely need that stuff.

  3. Packing up and finally moving into my new house! These bags would be great to live out of till the house is done being pained/ carpeted. I need this one!

  4. Packing up and finally moving into my new house! These bags would be great to live out of till the house is done being pained/ carpeted. I need this one!

  5. No plans for this summer yet, we're hoping to take a weekend to go down to the jersey shore tho!!

  6. I don't know if September counts but we are going to Paris! (France, not Texas).


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