Monday, June 18, 2012

Make It Monday: Easy Roasted Vegetable Recipe

To stay on budget, I try to buy as much produce as possible and just things that are a necessity. Like bread, eggs, jam, peanut butter and meat. I don't always buy cheese, because it is so expensive and I only splurge once in a while on donuts or cookies or chips. I rarely buy expensive pre made packaged foods from the frozen section. Easy, yes. Cheap it is not. My local Henry's has double deal Wednesday. On Wednesday all of their items are the sale price of the new week ONTOP of the sale price of the last week. So for example bell peppers are like 4/ $1. It's awesome. I only buy my produce at Henry's on Wednesday. It works out great for us and I can get A LOT of produce for like $40 when prices are that good. My kids eat a lot of fruit and I use the veggies for dinners and snacks for the kids.

I make roasted vegetables quite often to go with our dinner and I have been able to broaden my vegetable horizon. Here is my most recent and probably favorite recipe slash concoction yet.


It's super easy too, which is another reason why I love it. This is broccoli, brussel sprouts, bell peppers and onion. I cut up all my veggies, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over them, a little salt and sprinkle with dried dill weed and basil. Set the oven to 425 for about 30min or until the onion start to carmelize. I stir them around only a few times because I like the broccoli and sprouts to get browned.

This is so delicious and so easy. I could eat it everyday!

Happy Monday!

Xoxo, Janean


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  1. A really good combination is sweet potatoes, yams, butternut squash, and regular potatoes, drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. It's sweet and salty. Kids love it.


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