Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Celebration

Lately, I will admit, I have been slightly neglectful to this here blog. But I have excellent excuses, I promise. The Hus has been in the far east, aka Asia for business, and since I decided that I would rather move back home, aka visit the fam, than be a single mother for 2 weeks. It was off to grandmothers house we went. Aka my parents house.

Leaving the fish was kinda stressful, but when we got back, none were dead. But they had multiplied.. Again. We were up to about 40 fish. This is not a joke nor an exaggeration people. So I found a local tropical fish store, that would take them. Gotta love Encinitas. I was so happy that we were finally making headway on this reproduction problem we were having. They just would not stop! At first when we got the fish, I was worried they wouldn't survive, now they won't die... So we gave away about 7 of the babies that were big enough to not get sucked up a fancy fish store filter and their baby makin machine mama. Phew! I was glad they take them. Now we're are just waiting til the rest grow a bit bigger so we can, Scoop em out and take em in.

And since we are going to be moving we have had piles of things that just need to go away. So off to the salvation army drop off we went. I'm sure we wil be making more trips in the future.

In between lots of traveling and packing we decided we needed a break, plus it was my birth weekend! Hooray for me! We had lots of fun going to the beach and out to dinner. Right now I am obsessed with avocado egg rolls at BJs. If you have not had them, you must try them. I just can't get enough!

Until next time.

Xoxo, Janean

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