Monday, July 23, 2012

Jump Rope Exercises For Summer

So, the other night I went out to buy a new swim suit for our little staycation that's coming up next week. We will be staying in La Jolla, the MIL is graciously watching the babes. We are also planning on a day to explore Catalina Island. I needed a new suit, obviously, so I can look amazing in my pics for the blog right? Well, I really dont know why I do this to myself. Trying on swim suits, has GOT to be the most eye opening thing ever. Wanna know where your problem spots are? Go try on some swim suits or lingerie. Ugh. I found some suits I really loved, most of them did NOT love me back. Since having babes, I have def felt the tushie and legs go a little softer, the hips are a bit wider, thighs closer and buns a little droopier. Trust me, I just saw it, yesterday. Anyway after buying my suit and trying to not feel super depressed, I decided something has to be done! The top half of me looks alright, alright as in, the babes sure sucked the life outta me, if you know what I mean, but my arms are ok and the waist ain't too. bad, but the bottom half... Depression City. Supposedly, women carry more fat on the lower half of their bodies, even if you lose weight, you still could have less toned legs, if they arent worked out properly. Lovely... I know the part about being skinny but still having sub par bottom half, is totally me now. I don't want to do this, but just to keep myself accountable I am going to post a picture. Yikes.


I originally took this picture NEVER with the intent of posting it on the internet. But there I am, in all my post baby body glory. I started thinking about all the logical ways one would work out their legs. I could get a bike. Scratch that, let's be realistic, I could run up and down my stairs, not happening. I could get that eliptical ive been eyeing, but i dont really have the benjamins to shell out for that right now. Then I started looking online for ideas. How to tone your legs, fast. Ah-ha, jump roping. Now, that I can do. I pulled out my jumprope that I bought like almost 8yrs ago, when I worked out all the time and had all the time in the world to myself.... Before kids, obviously. I saw a quick 10min jump roping work out sesh. Psh, I can do that. I remember in 3rd I used to jump rope the whole recess. I can so do this, like everyday...I thought to myself. Here's the workout.




Looks easy enough. HOLY MAMA! About 30 seconds in, I wanted to die. 3rd grade self, you are so amazing! Wow. Let me just give you a few tips. Do NOT jump rope near a ceiling fan. DO wear as little clothing as possible, because you WILL sweat, A LOT. If you have had children, go to the bathroom BEFORE jumping.. Trust me. Be prepared for whipping marks all over your body especially your bootie. Wear shoes. Have water near by, you WILL need it. DO NOT give up. I am so sore from this 10 min jump routine. I am planning on keeping it up, at least for a month. Not everyday, probably about 3 times a week at first and I WILL be cutting out sugar everyday until our trip. I also read somewhere, if you're going to cut back carbs, make sure you do eat them on the days you exercise. Which I thought was good advice.

I just want results, and I know results take commitment. So, I'm giving it a go. Honestly, you don't even have to do these exercises, just jumprope. So, what tips and tricks do you have? Whats your fav workout for the lower region? I'd love to hear it.

xoxo, Janean


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  1. Oh my gosh I am having the same problem minus the having kids part :/ My thighs and buns have gotten all squishy since getting married (I swear its the newlywed 15 not the freshmen 15) and I have no idea what to do about them but its depressing!!

  2. Running stairs, J. I recently discovered a not-so-pleasant new crease on my hind end that I was NOT going to stand for. So I started running up and down my stairs. I've only done it three times, and the crease is gone! 4x 5 minute intervals, did some light weights in between each set. If, by some miracle, I keep this up, I should be ready for a new bathing suit in a year or two.

    1. Wow! That's awesome, and so encouraging I might even try it!... Might. Heaven knows I've got the stairs for it!


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