Monday, July 9, 2012

Make It Monday: DIY Home Deodorizer Slash Air Freshener

When we moved into our place, they had just put in new carpet and paint. Naturally, the place smelled strongly of carpet and paint and sweaty men. Naturally. Today is the first day that we are entertaining in the new pad. We are having some fam over for dinner and our local missionaries, who are here in California for 2 yrs away from their families, doing service for our church, are coming over for dessert. Ice cream sandwiches, store bought bakery cookies and ice cream. Easy peasy. Anyway. While I am running around the house like a crazy, and putting myself on a work schedule, so I can get everything done, I started stressin. I don't want my house to smell bad! Oh, the horror. It popped in to my mind, ok, I've got some ripe grapefruit, a lemon my kid sucked on and ruined so I can't use it for cooking, some vanilla I bought when I was being super ambitious and thinking I wanted to make creme brûlée, (still on the list) and some cinnamon sticks I bought sometime for something. Ok.... Let's boil it.

I boiled about 6 cups of water, 2 grapefruits quartered, a cinnamon stick, half a lemon and 1tbsp of vanilla. It smells wonderful. And once it boils long enough, I figure I will move it to the slow cooker and keep it on low. Who needs those candles I can't find for the life of me, anyway?

Also it makes me super happy that I can put the itty bitty in the high chair and he can feed himself, 10 months too long for that to happen. And I quite enjoy when I turn on One Direction, and I get a repeat request from the mini.

Here's to cleaning the house while listening to boy bands and boiling some over ripe fruit!

Happy Monday!

xoxo, Janean


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  1. I do this too.
    lemon and ginger
    orange, clove, and cinnamon
    lemon and rosemary


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