Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Days 2012 Swim Lessons Are Paying Off

Today it felt super hot, almost 80 degrees. I know, we're spoiled down here in San Diego. So to get the kiddos out, we went over to the pool. This guy is doing so great and can practically swim. I think in a few months, he just might be able too.




He doesn't really know how to use goggles yet, but he sure does love wearing them! Hope you're all staying cool. What do you do for the kidletts when it hot?


This guy had a fun time too. I need some swim diapers, I forgot to get them when I was out. Poor guy. Next time little buddy.


Happy Thursday!

xoxo, Janean


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  2. So cute!! I love San Diego... I am so jealous you live there!
    My husband and I are going to be there for our year anniversary in September. Any suggestions?


    1. Yes! I have tons of suggestions. If you read one of my previous posts I just recently wrote, I talk about all things we are going to do for our staycation.... Let me know where ur staying and what you're interested in doing. Restaurants, adventures, theme parks, museums, beaches, lemme know! Xoxo, janean


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