Thursday, August 23, 2012

Best Prices on Anthropologie's Capri Blue Volcano Candle

I am a candle hoarder. Ok, maybe not hoarder, (The Hus would beg to differ)  but I like to have a candle in my home and in in almost every room, except for the babes room... safety reasons. Anyway I would like to call myself a candle connoisseur. Im pretty qualified. But this little baby right here is my most favorite scent ever!

Ever walked in to Anthropologie, and thought, what is that  wonderful smell? I MUST have it in my home. Well, this is it folks. The Capri Blue Candle by Aspen Bay Candles, the scent is Volcano. A few scents that Anthro also burns in their stores as well are, Aloha Orchid and Paris. All from Capri Blue. In Anthropologie these candles will cost you around $28 each. With 100+ hours burn time, its worth the money and they instantly fill the house with a wonderful scent.


Oh, and  if you dont love it in the blue jar, ( I totally do) then they also sell it in a beautiful mercury glass jar...


Sometimes though if you are lucky you can get them cheaper on Amazon. You can buy them here.(affiliate link) Plus shipping, they are basically the same price as buying in the Anthro store. But if you sign up for Amazon Prime, which is $79 a year, you get free 2day shipping on anything you buy.. all year. So, if you buy a lot of things on Amazon, thats totally worth it and then this candle could be as low as $21. Um, that makes me want to talk to The Hus about Amazon Prime...Ps. Dont you just LOVE my cheese lady? She is not from Anthro, although she totally could be. She was a gift from my lovely Mother- In- Law, and I think she is just the cutest ever. Anyway, I hope you find this helpful when you are trying to make your home Martha worthy. Which reminds me, I have a ton of cleaning to do.. ugh. We're having the local missionaries over for dinner tonight. Taco salad tonight boys! Better get crackin...
xoxo, Janean
Ps. This post was in NO way sponsored by Anthropologie, Amazon, or Amazon Prime. Im just sharing my love for beauty and a good deal! Oh, and HAPPY THURSDAY!
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  1. The cheese lady is from my mom (you're mother-in-law's sister)! I wondered if you got it from her. My mom gave it all away when they were at the family reunion. It's polish pottery and I love that stuff!

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  3. You can also find candles with that fragrance here-
    Caldera is the scent that smells most like Volcano!


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