Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where to Eat and What to See in San Diego

When we found out my Mother In Law was gracious enough to watch the kids for a few days, we thought of all the fabulous places we could go and stay. But being that's it was the end of July and the hottest time of the year, we decided that staying in our own town and playing tourists for a couple of days wasn't such a bad idea. I mean, we DO live in a resort location. Staycation it was. Heres what we did.

We stayed at the Sheraton in La Jolla. The rooms were very nice and the location wasnt half bad. The outside of the hotel looks a little sub par, but the rooms a pleasant surprise. The grounds were nice and the pool and spa were warm. if you stay there, make sure you request a room not on the same side of the freeway. We had a room there once and it was very noisy, we had to move, but the other side was very quiet and secluded we stayed in room 512 and really liked it. The rooms were really really nice and I would totally recommend staying there and would stay there again.

First day we went to the Del Mar Racetrack, it was really cool to see it all.The place was packed They bring the horses around before each race so you can see them up close and decide which ones you want to bet on and everyone gathers around. Then you head back over to the track and find a seat to watch the race. It was a cool experience, kinda uneventful since we didn't bet, but fun nonetheless. I love the fairgrounds, they are beautiful, and at Christmas time they set up a light display on the track, and you can drive around with your car. Its a little dinky, but our kids love it. Overall, it was a fun experience.

 Shirt: Angelo's LA Fashion District. Pants: H&M

Then we were off to a few places to eat that I had seen on the Food Network. The first place was Mama Testa. They won a throwdown with the fabulous Bobby Flay for their fish tacos. When I saw the episode, of course I HAD to try them.

 Its a quaint little taco shop on the strip in Hillcrest, a suburb of San Diego. The inside is colorful and fun. But we chose to sit out side while the Sun set. I got the famous taco plate.

 Here it is. It came with rice and black beans which were both delicious. The fish tacos are made from catfish, which I had never had before. The fish tacos were really good, the plate cost about $12 . Was it a good meal? Yes. The best fish tacos I ever had? No.The tacos didnt really taste much different than fish tacos from anywhere else, just a little more refined. Fresh ingredients and tasty sauce. Would I go there again? Absolutely, but I wouldnt drive into downtown just to go eat there. Good food, fun atmosphere, but honestly, I wish I could have tried Bobby's version.

Zip Up Sweater: Anthropologie. Sunglasses: Oneill.

We left there to go on to one of my favs, Extraordinary Desserts. We frequent this place for girls night out and I LOVE it. Oh and on the way we found this random amazing bridge. Perfect photo op.

This place was packed! It always is.

 I got the creme brulee. Its delicious, creamy and the perfect amount of vanilla. Topped with white chocolate, champagne grapes and gold leafed flowers. Its one of my favs there. It runs about $10. Most desserts are about $8-$12.
The Hus got a slice of the Viking cake. Chocolate cake, with chocolate mousse and caramel. Yum. I believe this was $8 or $9.

 I also wanted something cheesey. I ordered a bruschetta, brie torta. It was so delicious!! I can still taste it, but I love brie. It was stuffed with a goat cheese herb spread and topped with ancho chili jam. The sweet and savory flavors mixed together was perfect. it cost $4 for one or $7 for two I think, maybe $8. But they do have plenty of things on the menu that I want to try and will def be back for.

 I love the industrial modern feel of the place, and the tables are lit with tea lights. I love a good ambiance.

 People just hover over the display cases and pick their desserts. Heres what the displays look like.
We were stuffed out of our minds, loosening our belts and driving back to our hotel happy!

The next day we were off to Catalina Island. Stay tuned to hear all the details from the excursion!

xoxo, Janean

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  1. Where is that bridge at? We will be in San Diego tomorrow with the in laws!


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