Friday, October 5, 2012

Easy DIY Bat Garland for Halloween

As I was preparing for Halloween I had this crazy idea to make a bat garland, from a plastic table cloth. Dare I say a batty idea? I dare. So I traveled down to the Dollar Tree and picked up a black plastic tablecloth. I almost bought 2 just for good measure but glad I decided against it. I wouldn't have used it. I def had enough material.

I decided to fold the table cloth the way you do when you make a people chain. It's the same folding method for making a paper fan. I chose this way because most garlands want you to cut out like 100 bats. This way I only have to cut one! No brainer! If you don't know how to do that, or what I mean. Please ask and I'll clarify.

Next I needed a template. I took a piece of packaging cardboard that came with the giant spider I just bought. It was the right stiffness, but bonus, it had a simple image of a bat on it. I just used that image as a reference for my own and drew one on the back.

Then I cut the bat out and used it as a template and placed it on top of my folded tablecloth. I cut out everywhere except on the folds. Don't cut the bat out all the way. He needs to be able to attach to the next bat, and they will be attached at the folds.

In some places the bat might be attached to another spot like on the wing, below. This is just because there are soo many layers to cut throughout and you may not cut through every one. If this is the case, then just snip where you need to.

Then I pulled it open. Voila. ( cue angelic chorus) This was perfect, and with just one cut we had over 30 ft of garland. Then hang away. I chose over windows and in doorways.

Hope this inspired you to make some fun and easy Halloween decorations. The kids love it!!
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