Monday, January 20, 2014

Polar Vortex

Or should I say, Polar Vortex? Over Christmas we went to visit my family in Utah. It literally blew my mind how we only needed to drive 10 hrs (well it took us like 800 with 2 small kids and a baby) and we were transported to a winter wonderland. The temperature difference is astounding, and it's really only a day away. If it weren't for us going there and actually seeing the snow, and the iceberg that used to be my parents driveway, I just wouldn't believe it. California may have a lot of crazy things about it, but the dreamy weather, ain't one!
Utah! So.. If its called a selfie when you take a pic alone.. What would you call two people?? Because whatever it is, we took a ton of those too! Sister time, is trouble. Side note, you can look me up on the insta, janeanslife2. 
Well, I was really excited to be there and wear my winter wardrobe, I never get to break out here. I have a Northface jacket, that I really only wear like once a year here. If that. But I was also really excited to get back! Today, we went to the park and the pool... I know, I'm a horrible person for what I'm about to show you...

Hope you had a great Saturday! Xoxo
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