Thursday, February 6, 2014

DIY Restoration Hardware Dresser

Sometimes, ok, pretty much ALL the time, I am quite impressed with my husbands handyman skills. A while ago I asked him if he could make the Restoration Hardware Tatum dresser. Here is a picture:

And voila!
Ask and ye shall receive (sometimes)

Down to the very details, this guy got it! I'm going to make the boys room kind of industrial so I opted for a dark gray color for the dresser and more manly handles, as opposed to the ring pulls. I am just in LOVE with the way it turned out.

I also asked him to make a mirror. We bought the wood from Home Depot, the stain is Jacobean, I totally recommend it, and love it . And the mirror glass we bought from IKEA for $10... Um , amazing. 

Talk about  a fantastic custom mirror for less than 20 dollars. Oh, and the dolls? Don't worry, I had my extremely talented Mother In Law copy some Bla Bla Dolls for me. 

No pattern, she just winged it. Pretty amazing for winging it, right?! I'm so lucky. I couldn't be happier with these things if I tried! Here's to putting your talents to work and saving yourself some money. My talent would in this case, be surrounding myself with extremely talented people. Oh, and btw, this is what motherhood looks like while you're trying to blog.

A VERY hungry baby. So hungry, he cried himself into hives.... Awesome.

But after he ate he was pretty happy. 

XO, Janean

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