Saturday, November 22, 2014

Amazon Prime Review

Last year this time I totally fell into the hype of buying everything for eveyone, online. And in my opinion there is not many other places I look first for cool gifts than Amazon. I always say, why not get an Amazon gift card, EVERYTHING is on Amazon. But what got ME to buy Amazon Prime, which is a full year service, was, one day my 5 year old son was playing with our neighbor who was 10. They were playing with the neighbors styrofoam plane collection. Well, the neighbor had to leave to go on a walk with his mom, and my son started begging the boy to let him still play with his planes. Being the super nice kid that he is, he obliged. Saying "be super careful, ok, I love this plane." Not five minutes later did my son and another neighbor girl throw it high into the air and it came crashing down and they broke his favorite plane. Awesome. I thought, "where in the heck am I going to get a freaking styrofoam plane?" The little girls mom, got on her phone and within 2 minutes ordered the exact same plane for $7 with her Amazon Prime account, it was free shipping and came in 2 days. I was SOLD. SOLD I tell ya. I didnt even know at that point there were TV shows and movies available. It would also be great to give as a gift. My Mother in Law has Multiple Sclerosis, and it makes her legs tired sometimes and going shopping to millions of stores for all her family gifts, just sounds like a nightmare to her. All that walking, she just can't, so online shopping is a godsend for her. An Amazon Prime gift for someone like that would be truly appreciated. Long story short, I love Amazon Prime and its free shipping. And you can start today with a free month and order all your Christmas gifts, free of shipping, and then cancel. But honestly, you'll probably want to keep it.
Happy Shopping!

this is an amazon sponsored post, with all my real opinions. xo Pin It

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