Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mom Life, Instagram, ANTM, and Fall Outfits

It's been a while since I've blogged, I know. I have no excuse, wait, yes I do. I have 3 small boys and my life is bananas. Blogging? I don't have time for blogging. Well, now I do. I'm back. At least for now. Currently, I am visiting family in Utah for the holidays. I love Utah in the Fall. The crisp air, the moody skies, the fireplaces and hot cocoa. I don't get that kind of Fall in San Diego. I just get pool days, everyday. So, my sister and I were out playing "America's Next Top Model" in her backyard the other day and here are the results.

Sick view huh? Yeah, thats from her backyard. Ok, so on my public instagram account theblendingbeauty, I'm posting healthy food and green smoothie recipes, tasty ones only though. And fashion, weird combo, I know, but hey, that's what I'm passionate about, and you gotta be true to yourself. Always. This outfit is comprised of a sweater I found at Target, maybe more cardigany, a collared denim shirt that I am obsessed with, from Ann Taylor. It's sprinkled with tiny little white washed hearts. It's pretty adorbs. My skinny jeans, I love, they are Denizen jeans, by Levi, found at Target. At this stage in the game of life, ahem, 30, skinny jeggings from forever 21 just don't cut it for my post pregnant, birthed three babes body anymore. And I love that store, but at some point you need to come to grips with the sad reality, that nobody is forever, 21. So moving on to real people clothes, I love these jeans because the high waist is lovely for those widened hip bones. Just staten facts ladies, don't shoot the messenger. And last but not least, the booties. I was searching everywhere for some black suede fringe bootie wedges, like Emily wore on the Bachelorette, but never found any, under 200 dollars. Psh. yeah right. So, luckily I found this excellent alternative at Nordstrom Rack, these Dolce Vita beauties were 50 bucks and worth every penny. I love these things!  Also, my hair was curled with my dope Remington, super affordable curling wand that I found on Amazon, that I still LOVE. So, cheers to the holidays and holiday outfits! Please omment if you guys want more posts! 
XOXO, Janean

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  1. so first, amen to high waisted jeans. I love the AE ones. and secondly, I love that you watch the bachelor. I foresee Monday night viewing parties in our near future.

    1. wheres the 'like' button for comments, Alie??


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