Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Mirror

Ok, so have you ever seen those $500 dollar GINORMOUS mirrors with the awesome frame in some store like lets say Z Gallerie? (my fav) Well I had, and I was drooling. But let me tell ya, a $500 mirror was NOT in my budget as vain as i am i know its a hard one to swallow. So the Hubs says his famous quote "lets make one." Man, I tell ya that quote is good for stuff like this, bad for walking through target.
Babe.. are ya really ever gonna make an oversized clock, or a christmas wreath, or a christmas tree, or those fingerless gloves i want??

Anyway, so I jumped at this one. And it really wasnt that expensive, we spent around 70 bones and could have even done it for cheaper. Here's what we did:

Well, I thought if we're gonna make this bad boy, I want mine to be super unique. I surfed craigslist for a huge mirror.... get this.. people give them away for FREE... ALL. THE. TIME. People are remodeling their bathrooms and just chuck these things. They're huge, heavy and perfect for this project, but they got fast, and you def need a car bigger than a honda civic, a truck would do.
Then, we got fancy (this is where the extra mula spending came in) we went to a specialty upholstery store (UFO) and picked out some grey faux ostrich skin (i ♥ ostrich skin...faux...) but it was kinda pricey and you could so use something sheaper found at joannes and wait for a coupon and double the cheapness. Then we got some padding (batting) also from the upholstery store, picked up some wood for a frame at Home Depot and my Handy Man went to work.
(I blurred out my messy house)
He wrapped the frame in the fabric and batting stapled it on the back with a staple gun, hammered in all the upholstery nails, inset the mirror and BAM. We got ourselves a sick mirror. For 70 bucks! (and lots of man sweat, cheering (by me), and maybe a naughty word or two *not by me*)

Oh and you most def need to put a heavy weight hook on the back of this, thing is heav-E.

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