Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh Ps


As I was changing my childs diaper and anticipating yet another poop bomb, I was hit with a wiff of... what?! CINNAMON? VANILLA?

Yes, apparently if you feed your child lots of animal crackers you can alter the smell of their poop. Yet, another reason why I appreciate my husband's desire to babysit for me while Im on my death bed. Thanks babe, you were thinking about my well being without even knowing it. Sweet, in more ways than one. Not bad for poop. Pin It

Swizzle Flizzle Fo Shizzle My Nizzle

Thats rap lingo for:
"It has been confirmed that we have swine flu my friends."

Yeah, tell me about it. Ugh. So just an FYI, I will be MIA for just a little longer, but wanted to post one of my favorite fabric flower tutorials here.
sewtakeahike's fabric rose tutorial

This one is awesome I use it all the time and LOVE the outcome. Happy crafting! Pin It

Thursday, January 7, 2010

T. O. D

(my painting)

Tip of the Day

Ok, enough with the acronyms.. really.
So here is my thought. We wanted to fill in the space above our nasty wet bar (we rent) and so hubs says a huge painting. Luckily we go to Michaels and frames are 50% off. Wahoo! If you know frames they're super expense. So we get a big daddy frame the 3 feet by 4 feet kind and this time I went to work.
Here's the idea, I'm not a great artist but seriously, look at it, anyone could that, or something similar.
But the best part of this TOD is the thrift store. I was in one the other day and saw a BIG old weird 80's painting NOT my taste. Trust me, it wasnt cool. BUT.. the canvas was big. FOR TEN DOLLARS. Can we say steal?Im so using that canvas for another painting. Im pretty sure I know where to put this one and I think I want to paint it close to something like this.

(this is a rug that i swoon over, but i love the idea of text)

Sorry Mr. Klimt, ( i ♥ him) I think I need to move your lovers to the other wall.
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The Mirror

Ok, so have you ever seen those $500 dollar GINORMOUS mirrors with the awesome frame in some store like lets say Z Gallerie? (my fav) Well I had, and I was drooling. But let me tell ya, a $500 mirror was NOT in my budget as vain as i am i know its a hard one to swallow. So the Hubs says his famous quote "lets make one." Man, I tell ya that quote is good for stuff like this, bad for walking through target.
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