Monday, July 11, 2011

Boys Shirt Freezer Paper Tutorial

I made two separate images on my Silhouette Machine and cut then put Freezer Paper (found in any grocery store) through my machine to have the images cut out. I made a NY city scape and the Statue of Liberty. I then layered the images so that Lady Liberty was in the background. The trick with Freezer Paper is that if you iron it shiny side down it will adhere your surface without leaving a sticky residue, ideal for stenciling on fabric. You dont need to iron for it longer than like 10sec.

Next I used Fabric Screen Printing Ink, in black, which I just picked up at Michaels, and a sponge brush.

Then I started filling in the areas that I wanted colored.

After I painted over my image I used a blow dryer to speed up the drying process. It works fabulously for the impatient type like myself, otherwise I think it needs like 24hrs to thoroughly dry.

I peeled away the paper around our Lady, and then went over the city again with more paint.

Finally, I peeled away the rest of the Freezer Paper. At this point, once all of your paint is dry, you need to iron over the image, but not directly, you need to add some fabric between the image and the iron so you dont ruin the image. This added ironing will secure the paint better after washing.

Ta-da! All finished. I always find it so hard to find cool clothes for little boys, so making your own is a great, custom, and fun way to get the clothes you want!
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