Friday, July 8, 2011

Mom Must Have Products

I thought I would share a few products that I just cant live without and am constantly buying.
Clorox Wipes.
They dont bleach anything, or smell like bleach, but have bleach's disinfecting power. These are something I have on hand in the bathroom. I think its a much needed place for them. being a mom, I feel like I am always needing to disinfect things, especially when I see some "water" spots around the toilet. I also use them on the kitchen floor for a quick wipe up between mopping. You could probably attach one to a Swiffer with some rubber bands for a bigger job. Just a thought.

I love this stuff. I really like the bleaching one (the one pictured I think), but as with all things, keep it out of reach of your kids, or they will use it as a squirt gun, and bleach your couch, and their clothes... just sayin. But it works fabulously on the grout and caulk in your bathroom.

The Magic Eraser.
These are just wonderful. I added the picture above because it came up in the search. I think its just hilarious. Yes, my child does draw on the walls, although, his drawings arent that artistic, a little more.. abstract? Also, for the record, I am not that happy when I have to spend an hour scrubbing his art off the wall. They work great on bath tub scum and hard water stuff, walls, and furniture that has crayon all over it.

Last but definitely not least,
Kids N Pets.
I go through this stuff like toilet paper. We're potty training over here. I use it for the dirtiest jobs, which all just happen to include bodily fluids. For some reason, I think my kid throws up more than normal, ugh, my life. But I found this stuff and it works great and the smell is better than any carpet cleaner. I love it. Which reminds me, Im out and need to buy more.

From one mom to another, I hope some of these products can make your life a little easier.
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