Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bleach Pen Art Tutorial


This project was pretty simple. Cheap to say the least.
"Bleach Art", "Reverse Dying", whatever you want to call it,
is all the rage right now.
Being that I find it super hard to find affordable cute boy clothes
(cute in my opinion.)
I am usually on the hunt for ways to make my own.
I thought I would try my hand at some
Bleach Pen art.

I started with some plain white onesies, from Target,
that I had originally dyed gray, with some black Rit Dye.
(Rit Dye NOT found at Target, but at the grocery store, weird huh?).
I think the dye was like $5.
Then I bought a Bleach Pen for $2.50, also from Target.

And this, is a way better deal.

Now, its not really a "pen" its more like puff paint,
so keep that in mind as you pick your projects.

Then carefully drew thin lines, thin lines are KEY here.
The bleach likes to bleed. So make your lines, very thin and consistent.
Now, watch your bleach, when it gets to the right amount of bleachyness,
(yes, bleachyness)
then rinse it out, really well, and wash and dry again.
Otherwise, no detail shows up, as seen in the picture below.

This, my friends, was my first attempt, a little "what not to do" example.
The lines were too thick and there was too much going on.
It is supposed to be a monster. I think Im going to have to go back over it
with some fabric paint and buttons to add some details.
Anyways, Ive got a few more blank onesies, and an artist for a husband,
so I think I'll leave the next few to him! Hopefully soon (not too soon)
I will have a mini model to put these on, and more pics.
If you use this idea, link back so I can see what you come up with!! :)
Happy Crafting, and Happier Weekend! I ♥ weekends.

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  1. Just as a tip that I have learned doing this with screen printing. After you have drawn your bleach lines and you notice a point where you don't want it to bleach anymore place it in a solution of vinegar and water (I don't really measure anything, so just a tub that would cover the garment with enough water in it and then pour in some vinegar). The vinegar will neutralize the PH in the bleach (I think) and the bleaching process will stop :)


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