Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update & Funny Story

Sorry about the MIAness guys, things are getting crazy in the baby world. Supposedly I'm a "high-risk" pregnancy. News to me. It just sort of popped up on me, I was like 'hello, why hasnt anyone said this to me before today?' Well, what constitutes that, you ask. Apparently, the umbilical cord isn't attached very well to the placenta, its on the very edge of it, as opposed to the middle, and kinda hanging by a thread I guess. And they are monitoring me every few days to make sure the baby is getting enough oxygen and the cord doesnt become detached. Anyway, kinda intense. So, I will be going to the Drs like 3x a week now (Im 35.5 weeks now and measuring 36.5, thats in a total of 40 weeks) so Im uping the ante from 4 or 5 Drs appointments that I thought I had left til the end to now, what, 15-17 Drs appointments. Ha. When you put it that way.. Its kinda ridiculous... But, as silly as that seems, that is not the funny story.
Trust me, the story. is. funny.

Sooo, it goes like this, I was on the phone with my Mom, you know, talkin normal life stuff and baby stuff, when I said;
"So, Mom, you read my blog lately?"
"No, why, should I be?"

awkward pause, as I think to myself, well that would be nice...
you always want support from your Mom, right?
then she continues,

"Last time I looked at your blog, it had naked ladies on it Janean.."
"What?!?, Mom, it did not!"
"I'm pretty sure it did Janean."

Needless to say we extended the conversation as I swore to my Mom, that MY blog did NOT have naked ladies on it...
Then, I went and looked at my blog.
Sorry Mom, you were right.
Some of those "Summer Trends" ladies, looked pretty revealing.
Sorry about that everyone... wear sunblock... (and swimsuits) this summer!

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