Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cabinet Refurbishing

This above pic has nothing to do with anything, except for the fact that my overly talented Mother in Law MADE it for me, for the new babe and it is just adorable. Its a replica of an Anthropologie one I saw a while ago, and, well, shes just that talented.
Anyway, on to my own (less talent requiring) project.
Finally, the free cabinet we scored while garage sail shopping, is finished.

My darling husband went out of his way to help a pregnant lady that "shouldnt be around that much paint and saw dust" (dont know what my excuse will be after the baby comes), to make it sparkly and ready for the babe. He used a circular power sander (sorry, cant find the pics) to get the years of grime off this thing, and hand sanded the detailed areas. He didnt take all the previous paint off, just enough to get a good "grip" on the surface of the cabinet so the primer would stick. We used just plain white primer spray paint (found anywhere, but ours was from Home Depot), did about 2 coats of that, and then the color we chose was Gloss White, but whether you choose, Matte, Satin, Gloss or High Gloss, is just a matter of preference. I just like things shiny. Then, you have to "seal" in the paint with a clear coat, otherwise the paint easily chips off. The amount of coats you use on anything, is again a matter of preference, but 2 is always a safe bet.

Then to make it a "dresser" for my new baby, I went and found some fabric storage bins. Now, usually these are quite pricey, but I found a steal of a deal at BIG Lots. A pack of 4 for $8. Well, no question there, I bought 2 packs. The good news is about these things, is because they're cheaper, they come folded up and with a hard insert to make the bottom flat and stable (as if you were assembling a box, same idea.) I put a dryer sheet in between that insert and the soft bottom of the box, so it wouldnt get on my babies clothes, but would still make them smell good. It makes the inside of the cabinet just smell so fresh when you open it.

I couldnt be happier. A free cabinet and some money for paint and a little time. Just gorgeous. Happy crafting!
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