Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anthro Inspired T-Shirt Tutorial

So, have you ever been in the store and found an embellished tee you just love,
and thought, I could probably make that.
(Espesh after you see the price tag)
The good news is, you can and the better news is,
it wont cost you a gazillion dollars.

And I'm going to show you how. Here's the one I made.
Granted I'm no million dollar designer, but those 2 tees wouldnt be
much more complicated than this one.

On a blank canvas aka plain tee, that I bought at TJMaxx for about 6 dollars, I pinned some pleated ribbon. The pleated ribbon was $3 dollars for 2yds and I used just about all of it.
I made a bunch of swirly designs and PINNED AS I WENT. The with coordinating thread, sewed it down, taking pins out as I went. That part is super important, otherwise you'll be all over the place. I personally lined the whole collar, but you can do just one side, down the middle, the possibilities are really endless.

My supplies, a plain tee, this one is a size large, and some "decorative trim."
I bought large, as I am with babe and I really like the length and fit of the tee.
Being pregs I find it sooo hard to find maternity tees that are cute and NOT $100 dollars.
Man, they really prey on us dont they, and being that I'm not a huge fan of tees that say
"bun in my oven" or "made with love" (really people??)
I thought this was a good alternative. Now, notice this brand of tee,
my TJs always has them and they are wonderful for embellishing, and super cheap.
They also come in lots of colors and varying neck lines. I just really like them.

Not too bad for a home made maternity tee...
Wish me luck as we venture into August, hottest month of the year I believe. Ugh.
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  1. SO CUTE! I hear you on finding cute maternity tops that aren't crazy expensive. I always look for Liz Lange's Target plain tees on sale. (Wearing one of my husband's shirts as I type this!) haha


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