Monday, August 22, 2011

Starbucks Double Chocolaty Chip (impostor) Recipe

So, I know my blog has been really boring lately,
but my life has been quite exciting.
Lets start with this recipe.
I am in LOVE with these (coffee free) drinks from SB.
In love. They are fabulous.
The Hus thinks they have coffee in them, because I am
so addicted.
Alas, my friends, they do not.
C'mon, chocolate is quite addicting in its self, right?
Anyway, to save myself the money, I decided to google the recipe.
I found the above one here.
But honestly it doesnt have to be perfect, to be, well, perfect.
In the one I made I used vanilla soy milk (sub milk), ice, choc syrup,
caramel syrup, a little vanilla, some left over mashed twix bars, and like
half a scoop of choc ice cream. It was amaze. Couldnt even taste the soy.
I think with some whipped cream on top it would have been SB perfection.
And it was suuuper quick and easy, just throw it all in the blender.
A pregnant woman's (or any woman's) dream.
My husband didnt mind it either.

Last, but not least, myself.
An update on me and the babe. Totally freaked today.
Thought the babe wasnt moving as much as usual. I was like bawling.
It was super stressful and I went into the Drs to have him checked.
He passed the test, luckily.
No delivery today, just a big scare. Ugh, this has been so stressful.
Incase I havent made it very clear what is going on, or what my risks are
you can read them here. Yowza. My problem, or reason for low fluid
is the "placental problem" one.... Anyway. More apts tomorrow.
And hopefully more projects, we'll see right?
I know what you're thinking
"She's crazy to be doing projects, and a blog still!"
Well, the title of my blog couldnt be more fitting than now.
I mean, this is how i keep sane right?

Thanks for all the love and support guys.

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  1. I've just been introduced to this drink, and I am addicted but can't justify spending $5 every time I want one! Thank you soooo much for posting this!!


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