Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY Coffee Filter Wreath Tutorial : For Halloween

I have been wanting a Halloween wreath, and this coffee filter one
was the perfect choice. It cost me about $2, thats right, TWO DOLLARS.

Here are my supplies, a wreath from the dollar store,
and one package of coffee filters, also from the dollar store.
Not pictured: a hot glue gun, "spider webs, and spider rings"
(already had the not pictured stuff on hand from my "halloween decor" box)
All purchased at the dollar store (dollar tree to be exact)

To begin, fold a coffee filter in half and then pinch at the bottom center.
Same idea like stuffing tissue paper in a gift bag.
You, know, like the way it looks all fancy when you buy something from
Victorias Secret?

Top view.

I found that using a dowel (mine was a paint brush)
and putting it in the center of the filter to push when gluing it to the wreath,
was most effective. (aka minimal finger burning..)

Then I just started filling up the space. I only used half the filters,
and it took me about an hour. I watched the Disney version of
"A Wrinkle in Time." Is it just me or is that movie super weird?
Last but not least, when the wreath was up to my fluffiness standard,
I added some Halloween touches. I chose webs and spiders.

I chose those items specifically because they didnt have to be glued on,
and I wanted the option in the future to use the wreath for different
holidays or maybe everyday. I just like my options...
Enjoy! Happy Crafting!

Oh, Ps. I entered this DIY showoff linky party. Click on the button
to see more creative ideas.
The DIY Show Off
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