Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Mantle

Believe it or not, (hopefully not) this mantle decor was super easy
and suuuuper cheap.

 Let's break it down, shall we?
 The black frame: $1 from the dollar store, and craft paper inside
Black glitter "Haunted" sign : $2.50 from Target
Silver pumpkins: $1 each, styrofoam orange pumpkins from the 
dollar store spray painted silver.
 Crow: $1 from dollar store
Werewolf Gargoyle: $1 from dollar store
originally gray, spray painted high gloss white,
and looking super chic, might I add.
Candles: Um, totally from the dollar store and they originally
were the prayer candles, you know, with Jesus and the gang
on them. Well, run them under some water and those boys just slide 
right off to leave you with a lovely white cylindrical candle.
And the caution tape garland was also $1.
So, how much did we spend?
Like 12.50?
Maybe a little more if you count the spider webbing, 
which some may or may not be batting, they got mixed together
last year when it got put away.
Hope I inspired you to decorate, even if you dont have a
gillion dollars for it!
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