Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Costume Confusion

I dont know that Im really "confused" about what we all should be, or if the alliteration was just too fitting to not use. But I do know that I still dont know what the boys are going to be. As far as Im concerned its really cute to have the whole family kind of "match", you know, like ones a pirate, a fish, and Im a mermaid. Or something of the like.
The other thing I keep debating, and going back and forth on, is whether or not its a better deal to make the costumes or to buy them. Im trying to decide if its worth the money. Some of the costumes at Target are only like 20 bucks, would it be less money to make it myself? Its kind of a toss up.
I think the 2yr old would enjoy being Speed Racer, or a Power Ranger. 
But the first thought that comes to mind is, 
"Then what would I be??"
(i know, right?)
And then I look at Pottery Barn Kids costumes, and those are ADORABLE

but then I think, 
"um hello, I could totally make that."
So, we'll see, now that Halloween is getting closer and the fabric stores have jacked up their prices
for suckers like myself.
Also, i just wanted to throw out there the invitation for guest bloggers. I would love crafty guest bloggers 
willing to share a tip, trick or tutorial. Email me if you're interested! 
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