Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No Sew Infant Mummy Costume DIY

Let me be first to admit, that while I love myself a good craft,
I am impatient my friends.
Hence the NO sew. Can I sew?

Am I a great seamstress? 
(i like to say sew-er, but online, it reads sewer, like for poo, which Im def not, 
sometimes the hus might disagree though... ANYway)
I am not the greatest seamstress, like my uber talented husband is.
(but guys are tailors) 
I mean, who makes a real backpack on a 200$ sewing machine?
He does.
So, long story short, I made a mummy costume for the new one this week.
Super easy, no sewing required, just some time and some fabric glue.
More time than glue.
Heres the tut.
I started with a fuzzy baby sleeper that had been run through the wash with some of
my dark skinny jeans, which bled, so it turned purpley.

Considering I have boys, it was in the "use as a last resort" pile.
I then had an Old A&F shirt, that I do not wear anymore 
and some Muslin scraps. 

I think it was a pajama- like one, 
so the fabric was stretchy cotton and ideal for my project.

I cut it into strips and started to glue them down using fabric glue
found at Michaels

 cut a hole for the closure clasp..

 using the sleeves.. for the sleeves. 
Slide em right on.

 'base coat' all finished

The fabric glue is permanent, and can also be washed if needed/wanted.
I wrapped the fabric around the sleeves and lined it up straight on the zipper.
Lastly I went over it with some muslin strips that I had, to add some depth
to the costume. I think that really made it look mummified.
A trick with the muslin, is if you cut a little slit (with the grain) then the fabric
tears perfectly(just like on Project Runway) and looks really mummyish.

muslin mummy pattern layout.

I then went over the colored parts of the original pajama that were showing near the zipper with
white fabric paint and colored the brown collar white too.
Lastly I added some of the same fabric to a baby hat!

poor little angry mummy...

It was a great and easy way to make a creative baby costume.
Um, not to mention cheap!! 
It was FREE.

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