Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

All growing up, I looooved the 
Advent Calendar we got from my grandparents
or parents. You know, the card board ones that 
you opened the little window and there was a chocolate
waiting in there for you, EVERYDAY until Christmas.
It was such a dream come true for a kid. 

Last year, after Christmas, Target had all
of their holiday stuff on super low sale,
(great time to buy btw)
and I bought a ton of those chocolate
Advent Calendars for this year for super cheap,
on the hopes they would still be good.
We'll see. Anyway, it never occurred to me 
to make my own, silly right?!
Well, if you're going to make one yourself,
today would be the day, considering Dec 1st,
is tomorrow, thats right, tomorrow.
Not to stress you, but you got your shopping
done yet?? (me either)
Here are a bunch of beautiful and creative
Advent Calendar ideas:
you know, to add to the list of all the other million
holiday projects you got goin on.

Ive got a birthday party to plan. I told myself, I wouldnt
give my kids a party til they asked for one, (great mom right?)
Well, he asked for one. So we will be having a plane party, 
next weekend, right in the midst of the mess. 
Better get ready for the rest of my life I guess.
Who was the genius that planned that one??
I wasnt thinking about it at the time,
Anyway I will keep you posted on the party stuff!

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