Friday, December 9, 2011

Boys Plane Party Boarding Passes Invites

So, were planning a plane party.
The boy is going to be 3 and I cant
believe it. I swear Im still 17. 
(Dont worry, not really)

And I have 2 kids. My life is crazy.
I think once you have kids, you
are baffled that they keep getting older
because mentally you are still the same age,
and for a while there youre not really changing.
And these little weeds grow more and
more and change every couple months.
Its amazing.
Anyway, onto the plane party preparations.
I wanted to do something cute for the 
invites, so I did regular invites
(pre-made at the store)
and then added this little guy.

Here is the original one.
I found it online, some guy was really pissed
about not being able to read his boarding pass
from Delta, (i wont link there, bc he was REALLY mad)
So he designed a few that he thought were 
way better than Deltas.
He did a great job. I thought they were
beautiful, as far as boarding passes go anyway.

Well, I changed it to put on 
the invitees name, and changed the airline
to our last name and 
changed the dates and times to the party
info, and all the gate, seat, and flight number
to coordinate with my boy. His initials and age.
It took a while, but for the effect, it was so worth it.
I did it all in photoshop, and I love it.

There is so much more to do for this party, 
so Im off to the store. Please excuse the 
mini hiatuses this month. 
Its gonna be a doozey.

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