Monday, November 7, 2011

DIY Felted Wool Balls

Felted Wool Balls are adorable and quite versatile.
And, you can make your own.
If you have a cat I do not reccommend doing this
project in the same room..

 So, my Mother In Law is a very talented knitter,
lucky for me, she always has scraps and leftover
skeins of yarn. When she has no use for them 
anymore she offers them to me, and I 
gladly accept.
 To make a felted wool ball, start with building up
your center. Use a yarn that you dont really
like anymore, or a cheap acrylic one that you
purchased, because you wont even see this yarn.
If you have unlabeled yarn, a way to tell if it is wool
or not (probably acrylic, which wont felt)
is too carefully burn an edge. If it "melts" and smells
like burning hair, its wool. 
(trust me, it smells JUST like burning hair)
 To build it up, start wrapping it around your fingers.

 Then pull it off and start wrapping in the other direction

 Through trial and error I realized that this really
puffy yarn built up a thicker center faster

Next, take your center yarn ball and wrap
your desired wool yarn around it
until all the center is covered. 

Once all the yarn balls are finished, take an old 
panty hose and stuff all the balls inside the leg,
separate them by tying off each ball with,
string, or acrylic yarn. Anything that can go in
a washer and dryer.
If you DO NOT separate the wool yarn balls
they will stick together.
Then, throw them in the wash. Smallest and HOTTEST
setting with a little bit of detergent and a LOT of agitation.
Then throw them in the hot hot dryer. 
I washed and dried mine twice, I wanted them super 
felty. Im sure the more you wash and dry the more 
felty they become.

Voila! Felt balls. I am planning on using them as a
Christmas garland *maybe* but for now I 
have them as vase fillers.

Awesome and easy.
Here are some more lovely uses for felt balls!

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  1. I hate that you do all this crafty stuff because then I see it and WANT IT! I am definitely doing this. Love.

  2. Thanks guys!!
    Katie, i hope you do!! and then post it on ur blog u never use...


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