Monday, November 14, 2011

November is for The Turkey

With all the Christmas Decor popping
up, Id thought Id throw this out there.

Sorry guys, but I agree. On second thought,
Im not sorry. 

I feel like we wait all year for these
Holidays and they come and go in a flash.
In my house, Im making an effort to make
more out of Thanksgiving weekend.
Id like to have the tradition of
turkey bowl for the boys in the morning,
(Ill go shopping or watch some sort of Jane Austen or BBC movie)
then we'll have TG and decorate for Christmas
the next day. With a dessert party that night.
I know we all love Christmas, but I really want to 
make something more out of TG. 
I just want my home to be a place where people want to be,
and I think establishing family traditions is a way to do that.
What family traditions do you enjoy for Thanksgiving weekend?
Id love to hear!

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