Monday, November 14, 2011

Creature Feature: The Creature Case

Lets just set the record straight, like I've 
said in the past, I am surrounded by ridiculously
talented people, folks.
Thats right, ridiculous, talent, surrounded.
Did you catch those 3 words?
Cuz I am.

Todays post leaves nothing lacking either.
As if my family and extended family didnt 
have enough gross talent
my friends had to have it too.

My friends have created this adorbs slash genius
iphone case. I love that you can stand him up
to prop up your phone, and it doubles as
a cool toy on your desk.
The versatility of the appendages is fantastic.
Kids are gonna eat this crap up!
 I am loving the black or glow in the dark, cant decide.
 Now I just need to get my self an iphone..

How awesome and adorable does this little guy look?
I mean, come on, just stop it. 
What a fantastic idea. And I
am just in love with the fact that they also created
a creature face app.
Hope this inspires you on this Manic Monday.
Go ahead, get yourself a smoothie... its Monday
you deserve it!

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  1. Oooo! What a fun case! Thanks for sharing - I'm gonna have to get one of those! :)


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