Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anthro Sale Alert! 50% OFF sale items

You read that right, 
50% OFF
Sale items.
I am pretty sure this is the best sale of the year.
Does anyone else's heart start racing
as they go into panic mode, and 
think, how many hours til The Hus gets 
home??? and is there anyway to ditch the babes
Yeah, me either.

So the sale lasts until the end of the year.
But, the even better news is,
 that if
you bought something on sale in the last 2 weeks
when sale items were at 30% OFF
you can go in and get a price adjustment.
Do you know what that means? That
means you can get some money back...
And then RE spend it at Anthro 
More bang for your buck!
(you dont have to, im just going to)
but it had to have been purchased in the last 2 weeks.
Merry Christmas to us!!
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