Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting Pinned

Nothing like being on Pinterest and seeing your projects
from your blog. I love that.
And there is also nothing like being on Pinterest
and seeing your FACE.

What the?!
Yeah I got pinned, for my... hair.
You know what I thought to myself?
Holy Freakin Hannah Montana.
(totally those exact words)
and then I thought,
How embarrassing.
This isnt even like a fabulous picture of myself.

And then I thought, 
Phew, good thing I photo shopped it,
and last but not least, 
I thought,
Hmm, maybe I should start doing some fashion
posts. My 3 yo really does love to take pictures.
Anyway, we'll see about that.

In the meantime
here is a commercial I saw last night that
seriously made me laugh.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I pinned your picture to my pintrest because I do love your hair! It is beautiful!! I am sorry if I made you uncomfortable :( I didn't even take to time to think about it!

  2. Liz! Ha! Dont even worry about it! I was just surprised. No big deal. Im actually flattered :)
    Thanks! And seriously, no worries, makes for a fun post. XOXO.


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